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5 Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Your Business

Clearwater Staff

With all the options we have at our disposal for digital advertising in this day and age, it can be challenging to analyse and understand the true benefits of each advertising platform. With social media continuing to take the world by storm and keep billions of eyes on our screens, we must acknowledge and harness this incredible human magnet to our advantage. Facebook advertising has only become more versatile, technical, and rewarding over time, and we’ve got 5 great reasons why you should invest in Facebook Advertising for your business. 

5 Key Benefits of Facebook Advertising

1. The broad reach of customers spending time on social media

Recent 2020 social media statistics show that:
 79% of Australians use social media 
– There are 11.23 million active users on Facebook in Australia each month
– The average daily time spent on social media in Australia is 1 hour and 44 minutes
– 80% of all internet users in Australia use Facebook

Those statistics more than prove the kind of crowd it can draw to your business profile and the benefits Facebook Ads can provideThere’s plenty of fish in the sea, and it’s likely that the fish you’re trying to catch is on Facebook...right now!  

2. The ability to target and re-market to your exact audience

Facebook Advertising has a significant benefit of being able to micro-target your audience. Hence, giving you the best chance of selling your product to your ideal target market. It allows you to advertise to people based on their age, gender, location, interests, behavioursand other options as well. It also allows you to retarget those customers who maybe had a look around when they saw your ad and interacted with you in one way or another, but didn’t commit to a purchase or goal completion. Retargeting abilities allows you to reconnect with those customers that didn’t quite make it across the finish line the first time, but may just require another touchpoint, before they convert. 

3. The abundance of free analytics

There is a plethora of analytics and reports provided on the performance of your ads. Conversion rates, interactions and engagements, which posts are performing the best, and other ad metrics are all neatly laid out for you in Facebook Ads Manager. Having all this data on hand and formatted for your ease makes it so much easier to adjust your ad campaign when required and make educated decisions on what is and isn’t working and the ROI of the campaign. With data visibility like this, you’ll never have to guess or make assumptions about how your ads are going.  

4. Target customers at all stages of the funnel with all types of engagement

Out of all available digital platforms, a key benefit of Facebook is that it can successfully target users are any stage of their customer engagement journey. Thanks to the broad combination of ad formats, audience targeting and re-marketing options, and performance measurements, you’re able to interact with your customers from the awareness stage to the transaction stage of the funnelThis is also useful once you start using your analytics information to understand the mindset of your audience to then act and react based on their engagements. Facebook also has a great range of custom buttons that you can incorporate into your ads with call to actions that match your specific objective in the customer journey. 

5. The ability to format your Ads in several ways

Facebook has a range of 10 ad formats to choose from, which lends itself to each stage of the marketing funnel data-contrast=”auto”>. As mentioned above, it also has a range of custom buttons that you can incorporate into your ads, and nearly all of the ad formats can include some text and visual elements to assist with showcasing your campaign. You also have the ability to boost or pin your posts to increase visibility and promote specific news or special discounts.  

Facebook may have started out as a social media tool for users to upload holiday pics, make new friends, and post about the latest reality tv shows, but it has now grown into one of the most powerful online marketing tools you can find. As it continues to mature and the network of users continues to grow, Facebook Advertising will continue to prove itself as an indispensable component of your marketing strategy and give you that competitive edge over your anti-social business counterparts 

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