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5 Typical Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

Clearwater Staff

Instagram has become one of the business world’s go-to platforms. The social media platform currently has around 30 million active business profiles with small businesses making up the majority of Instagram business pages. A failure to grow on Instagram comes down to a few common yet highly avoidable mistakes.

Here are five Instagram marketing errors you can avoid to help facilitate your page’s growth.

1. Inconsistency is Unfathomable

This is probably the biggest and most common mistake businesses make. The frequency of your posts is important because if you post too little, your customers will forget who you are and won’t have the chance to know your brand on a personal level. If you post too much, you will scare your audience away, as they will become frustrated with you flooding their feed.

Consider this notion: if you had a physical store, would it be appropriate for you to open shop at varying times of the day? You should think about your Instagram business page with the same approach. You need to show up consistently and constantly to build trust amongst potential customers.

Instagram consistency not only helps your audience understand your brand, but it helps you understand your audience, too.

2. Posting Low Quality Images

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Instagram conveys itself as a social media service that’s accessible to all. Even if you’re photography skills aren’t top class, it is designed to be easy to post quality photos. Regardless, many successful Instagram accounts are run by professionals who know how to create images that really snatch the audience’s attention.

First impressions are key when it comes to your page’s social media presence, so ensure you are serving up the very best possible photos. If you want your profile to look professional, you shouldn’t just take happy snaps with your old iPhone and hope they’ll look amazing.

Instead, you should consider things like subject positioning, composition and lighting, as these influential elements determine whether your photo will make a good impression or not.

It doesn’t have to cost you hundreds, you can just make some simple changes. This includes:

  • Lighting: If your lighting is poor quality, filters won’t work out. Have a look at online tutorials for how to optimise natural light, so your eye for it continues to develop. You don’t always need a hi-tech lighting setup to create a beautiful image, you just have to understand how to utilise your immediate surroundings and equipment to your advantage.
  • Shooting: There are many photography styles out there, and some of them work better for different brands. Learn about composition, perspective, focal point and angles.
  • Editing: Once you’ve mastered shooting, using angles, light and content, it’s time to edit your image and add the final touches to it. There are various editing styles and sometimes it just comes down to choosing some amazing filters that you can use consistently to give your page its own personality.

3. Using the Wrong Hashtags

Hashtags can be an awesome tool to get your page and product seen by a number of people currently searching your chosen hashtag. It can be very tempting to shove in as many hashtags as possible to try to optimise your post’s search-ability. But this, business owners, is a terrible idea. There has been plenty of debate regarding the amount of hashtags to use, but you should really go for 10 or less. Tailor your hashtags so that they are quality, as quality over quantity is imperative.

If you research and utilise the correct hashtags on your post, then your business should come up on Instagram’s “explore” page. This means that your page will be featured on a timeline tailored to the interests of users that relate to your target audience based on their previous engagements.

4. Over-Posting

We mentioned earlier how you want to consistently post to maintain audience appearances. However, you want to avoid being the business who posts far too much. You can happily post one or two times a day, but anything beyond that takes you into “annoying” territory. The truth it, if someone is seeing endless posts from you in their feed they can’t see posts from other people. The result? A quick tap of the “Unfollow” button.

Research suggests that an organically grown and facilitated customer relationship translates into repeat and longer lasting clientele.

5. Writing A Boring Bio

Your Instagram bio is essentially your quick pitch. If you are unclear on who you are or what you are offering it can slow your growth and prevent you from reaching your marketing goals.

Consider the most creative and essential things to say that will convey your brand accurately. Be specific if you offer a specialised product or service. Simply sharing your business’s mission statement is also helpful for your target audience, but make sure it is well-written.

Instagram has categories that appear right under your name for particular business pages. Ensure you choose a title that is relevant to your business. Just remember that your bio is the quick pitch – the first impression of your brand.

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