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How to Personalise Chatbots for a Better User Experience

Clearwater Staff

Most businesses will experience the pressure of being understaffed at some point in their operations. It can leave your team feeling like they are juggling hundreds of different balls up in the air at once, with them all about to drop down at any moment.

But it can also be hard to find the right staff, especially when ad-hoc jobs arise, such as in customer support roles. If only there was intelligent, cost-effective, AI-driven software that you could introduce within your business systems to manage customer enquiries and offer pre-determined solutions…

Well, have you heard of chatbots?

Chances are you’ve at least seen them. They are the little pop-ups you find on many websites that offer to help visitors and subscribers with their online experience. While these offer so many potential benefits to a business, many simply bolt-on these chatbots without any customisation, leaving their user experience actually hindered, rather than improved.

In this article, the Clearwater team explore the benefits of personalising your chatbots to better engage your online audience, store messages, provide quick fixes, and even interact with users to provide seamless navigation to their required destination – saving your human team to focus on the other areas of improving the wider business.

How Can You Personalise Chatbot?


Cultivate Demographic Data

Chatbots aren’t just useful to spit out information to your users; they are also invaluable for their ability to collect inputs from online visitors. In doing so, this helps to make your marketing and UX design more effective, as you have real-time data on what your target market wants from your digital resources (and what they don’t), allowing you to make informed optimisations. Demographic data like age, location and interaction preferences can assist you in cultivating better dialogue, making more tailored recommendations, or even feeding information back to your wider team to improve their ways of working with an end consumer.

Introduce Human Language Reflecting Real Conversations

Building on the previous point, it is important that you are using language that reflects the wider image you are trying to cultivate for your brand. Whether that is formal and sophisticated, or casual and carefree, make sure it isn’t the stock-standard, lifeless ramblings of a robot. Yes, the person on the other end of the chatbot will know they aren’t speaking with a person, but your language will dictate how they feel about engaging with your business overall, dictating their experience, and the perception they will have of you moving forward.

Embrace Specificity

It can be tempting when implementing a chatbot to leave things in general matters, as it’s ‘too hard’ to boil down to the specifics and handle all the possible variations that could eventuate. Well, if you make the journey too general for your users, then you can bet they, too, will deem the experience as ‘too hard’ and leave.

Instead, analyse available information and try to determine the pillars that will likely be the cause of the enquiry. From here, branch out to the next possible questions or requests for information, and so on, to curate a detailed, specific route to help your users get what they need, as quick as possible. Should someone have a truly unique situation as to which they need a more personalised solution, then you can always offer the option to speak with a human representative. If done right, you might find your audience actually prefers speaking with the chatbot!

Remove Duplication & Repetition

When humans talk, there is a natural flow of conversation where each sentence flows on from the next. Robots don’t have this ability (yet), so it is important to cut out the use of heavy blocks of texts that repeat subject matter again and again to your users. Instead, keep it short and simple, ask direct questions that have set answers, and move the conversation to a satisfactory resolution.

How Does Chatbot Personalisation Benefit a Business?

We have spoken at length about why personalising your chatbots is beneficial to your wider business, including freeing up your human teams to complete more pressing actions. If that isn’t enough, however, you will also likely notice:

  • Elevated experience of your online visitors
  • Rapidly offering the solutions your users are searching for, without the need for physical staff
  • Offering professional product knowledge
  • Improving your brand image and loyalty with satisfied customers who appreciate your extra effort
  • Nurturing more warm leads into conversions

Contact us at Clearwater today for more information on how you can build on chatbots and your wider digital marketing strategy for better business performance.



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