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No Escape from the World Wide Web

Clearwater Staff

Using social media has become a daily activity for millions of people around the world: 1.96 billion to be exact. The U.S. population alone is estimated to have 81% of Americans using some sort of social media profile. Ever since the first iPhone became available in 2007, teens and adults alike seem to never be without a phone in their hand. This deep immersion always allows for problems and negative connotations, of course, but its capabilities to connect people from across the globe based on mutual interests, provide the latest news to the second, and offer two-day shipping from Amazon drastically outweigh the issues.

Technology has not slowed down and shows no signs of doing so. Let’s be honest, who would’ve thought that someone would invent a headset that allows us to view virtual graphics as if they were right in front of us? There’s no telling where technology will go from here, but understanding that social media will be around until Armageddon is no surprise. This popularity means it should be every marketer’s number one marketing tool.

How often do you load a webpage that doesn’t sport an ad that pushes an item you searched for three days ago? The answer is probably never, and if you can think of an instant where this has happened someone isn’t doing his or her job right. Social Media is the key for successful business marketing. A business’ end goal is to drive traffic to their websites and get consumers to purchase their products. Even if they don’t initially buy anything, their marketing agenda is still met. The consumer is made aware of the business and can potentially promote it to others through, guess how, social media.

It’s the best marketing tool

People spend, on average, nearly nine hours per day on social media. They learn about what’s hot and new from constantly checking their phones. It’s even possible to place ads right before a user can watch a video, listen to music, or use an app. There’s no need for expensive T.V. commercials or print ads.

If you go on any major social media platform, there is usually at least one page dedicated to a business’ brand. To not have a website page as a marketing tool is almost unheard of in this era, even for small mom and pop businesses. Any business that doesn’t utilise social media is losing potential customers by the second. It’s incredibly easy to set up too. Facebook can allow a person to set up a community page centred on a business’s particular product. You can set up links, live streams, and chat forums, so that it is always possible to stay connected with a consumer.

It doesn’t stop there. Instagram now has a new feature where a page can set a direct link to a product advertised in a picture within the picture itself. It brings up the price and allows for immediate purchasing. Twitter can get almost any popular topic trending with the use of hashtags. Anyone that searches for a particular one will be given back all pages on the site that have used the phrase.

There are professional platforms

While the three platforms mentioned are for more casual use, websites like LinkedIn and WordPress offer a better professional setting. LinkedIn lets a person or company set up an online profile with ample room to market however they choose. The whole point is to connect with other similar companies and the people associated with them. At the same time, it’s possible to post about new business innovations and company news. It is much more restrained than a place like Facebook, but most prospective job seekers utilise its methods of connection.

WordPress is a popular blog site where novices and professionals alike can share their opinions and accomplishments. By signing up for only $4/month it’s possible to create a customised page with access to all pages that share a companies business ideas and allows active engagement with potential consumers. The $24/month plan is a popular choice for the business side with advanced design customisation, monetisation, and installation of third-party themes and plugins.

The reality for marketing

When you’re online, there is always a new consumer to look for, and an infinite number of consumers searching for products or services just like yours. Endless search results give people millions of options everyday for food, clothes, and other life necessities, and yours could be among them. Not being engaged in the social media world is the worst form of marketing. The hard truth is if you want your company to succeed, you have to step into the arena and show your strength against the criticisms of internet trolls.

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