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The 7 Best Shopify Apps That You Need to Know

Clearwater Staff

You’ve invested countless time and money into your online store. You’ve created a brand and chosen your theme. This is great, but without the right Shopify apps you might see your online store not performing as well as it should.

Quality Shopify apps can take your store to new heights by enhancing user experience and making your products unforgettable. So, with this in mind, we have selected the seven best Shopify apps for 2020.

Awesome apps not only increase the style and functionality of your store, but also lighten some of the workload you might have thought was left up to you. These apps will help reduce abandon cart rates, cut bounce rates and increase conversions before your eyes.

The need-to-know on Shopify Apps

Shopify provides thousands of apps in the app store, with over 1500 being completely free. That’s awesome news for shop owners, because it allows you to automate some of the tasks that would take some time otherwise.

This being said, most apps will want to charge you for premium versions, and overloading your store with apps can have a negative impact on your site’s loading speed. So, the best thing to do is carefully select the apps that are going to be most efficient for your site.

Our list will help you make an informed decision.

Shopify apps for your store

The below Shopify apps allow you to create a more functional site with heightened features. They can reduce abandoned carts, increase conversion rates and, importantly, create an overall positive customer experience.


Locksmith allows you to “lock” Shopify store content, restricting access to specific pages. You can then choose who can see these pages by creating “keys”. For example, you might want to display a particular page to a new store member, use a passcode or add a certain amount to their basket. This app greatly increases average order value, and boosts FOMO.

Free Shipping Bar

Free shipping Bar allows customers to receive free shipping whenever a large order is placed. Did you know that one of the key reasons for customers abandoning a cart is finding out the store has exorbitant shipping costs? So, this awesome app is designed to reduce abandonment rate immediately. It calculates your customer’s basket and whether or not they qualify for free shipping.

Product Filter & Search

Product Filter and search app make it easy for your customers to find the product they are looking for. This app allows you to create filters within your range, so customers can enter a search term or browse by category.

Infinite Options

Some products require a greater level of choice or personalisation than Shopify allows for standard themes. Infinite Options is a Shopify app that provides you extra personalisation and choices on product pages. It also provides you with a number of different methods for presenting these choices (including checkboxes, radio buttons or number inputs).

Store Locator

Brick-and-click is the most typical retail form. It combines physical stores with eCommerce stores, providing customers the choice to buy in-store or online. Store locator provides the customer with clear directions to your brick-and-mortar store, making choice an important part of your site.


Nudgify gives customers notifications called “Nudges”. They help key pages on your website, and create effects like FOMO and Social Proof. These effects are designed to increase your store’s conversion rate by utilising live data like recently sold items and stock levels. Nudgify engages your customers with real-time information that can transform even smaller stores to winning entities.

Unlike pop-ups or sales messages, Nudges are designed to enhance the customer’s user experience. This means you can build long-term store value, as opposed to just a quick sales boost.

Product Reviews

Shopify’s solution for displaying customer reviews, Product Reviews is easy to use and a breeze to install. Customer reviews have a massive influence on sales: Spiegel Online says that sale likelihood increase 270 per cent when a product has five or more reviews. Whilst some store owners will try and coax customers into leaving a review, this one should be a certain go-to.

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