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Top 5 Digital Marketing Buzzwords you NEED to know in 2019

Clearwater Staff

Buzz buzz buzz! Buzzwords are the hot thing to use in digital marketing and often, buzzwords are used so much that even the people using them don’t really understand what they mean. The difficulty with buzzwords is that they can often be misleading and a cover up for something else that is really going on, so understanding some of these mysterious words could potentially help you decipher what someone in the digital world is REALLY trying to tell you. Here is a list of some of the best buzzwords to know in 2019:


More often than not, this is referring to Google’s search algorithm, but also could be referring to social platform algorithms and a few other bits and pieces. Getting your message on both Google and Facebook is taking advantage of two of the biggest marketing platforms in the world, so understanding what their “algorithm” is will definitely help your marketing efforts.

Basically, the algorithm is a formula or a set of rules that these platforms use to determine what content appears and how often it is displayed to an audience. Normally, this is determined by relevance and importance of the content to particular users and agencies are constantly finding strategies to meet the expectations and guidelines of the search algorithm to set their clients apart from their competitors.

Machine Learning

This one is about as popular as “cryptocurrency” was last year. Machine Learning is a subsidiary of Artificial Intelligence which is becoming increasingly popular as they both utilise statistical computer systems to optimise campaigns. The “learning” aspect of this buzzword is generated from the ability for the A.I to revise and learn from data sets, which in marketing terms means that things like paid advertising and social campaigns will be able to make micro optimisations without as much labour from humans.

So basically, it is computers learning our jobs quicker and better than us (whether everyone wants to admit it or not).


This has been used for years, but it appears in lists like this every year as it hasn’t disappeared from our vocabulary and still seems to hold relevance in digital marketing today. Let’s break it down really simply:

Omni = “in all ways or places”

Channel = “direct towards a particular end or object”

Combine them together with the thought of marketing in your head and you get the picture… It is an easy way of explaining the process of creating a seamless online presence through different channels to reach a broad range of potential customers. Easy!

Customer Journey

A customer journey is often a path of touch points that a potential customers takes before making a purchase decision. The ability to search multiple touch points allows a potential customer to gain more trust in the product/service and can often make a purchasing decision a lot easier. With the emergence of mobile phones, social media and so many news channels to advertise your business, having a strong customer journey can be the difference of convincing someone to go with you or losing them to a competitor.


Maybe one of the buzziest words going around, customer centric is as simple as it comes – placing your customer in the centre of your service experience. The fact that an agency has to outline this is concerning in the first place as the customers are the MOST important thing for a service provider, so of course they would be the centrepiece for their offering. Unfortunately, this is still thrown around willy nilly and people are often impressed by how it sounds, without knowing that it is a fancy way of saying that they will prioritise your needs.

So there you have it, some of the buzzwords you will definitely encounter in 2019, we’ve supplied you the ammo by explaining what they mean, now when you are given one of these in a presentation or report, you have the ability to fire back and cut through the rubbish!

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