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Upcoming Marketing Trends to Know Before 2022

Clearwater Staff

What a year it is has been. While it might feel like we have only just planned our digital marketing campaigns for 2021 with all the disruptions that took place, we must now turn our sights onto 2022 and the trends set to dictate this new landscape. Given the fall-out of the pandemic is in full force, and serious industry changes such as Google announcing the end of third-party cookie support in their Chrome browser, we can be certain this will be a year like no other.

Content Marketing Strategies that are Simple, Educational & Real

Unless this is your first day in digital marketing, you will have heard the old adage, ‘content is king’ – we get it. Thing is, so does everyone consuming it, and with such density out there, simply churning content for the sake of it won’t bring you any return on investment. While the natural instinct might be to go big to cut through the noise and attract your customers, circle back to what they’re really looking for. Reading articles from a search engine, or pausing to review a status on social media – that behaviour either comes out of need, or an appreciation for creativity.

Listicles and generic ‘how-to’s are a dime a dozen, but spicing things up with a simple, unique take is what will catch the eye of audiences, such as long-form, educational pieces that offer real value from your content marketing. Become a storyteller and craft some actual perspective that will resonate with someone – not boasting how good you are, but how you have the authority and evidence to assure them your product or service will help with their problem.

Integrate More Visuals into Your Marketing

Modern audiences are falling more in love with visuals alongside written formats within the content they consume. In fact, new research suggests people actually prefer visual pieces when compared with plain text alone. Many people forget the qualitative value that can be drawn from visual content due to such a heavy focus on the SEO benefit of the written word, but big names like Google and Pinterest have already invested heavily in visual search technology, meaning this won’t just help you improve your engagement, but also your visibility on search engines.

Another reason visuals have been avoided by brands is the price and ability to see direct return on investment. It’s important to remember that blockbusters are meant for the cinema, so you don’t need to match their budgets to create something effective. There are a range of professionals and cost-effective tools that can help you manage a steady stream of highly aesthetic material to engage your audience and build brand awareness. Start small – infographics and images filtered throughout your articles, videos centred around product demonstration, or even going live at a company event to share your culture with your following.

Embrace Data & Marketing Automation

It has never been easier to pull necessary data from your marketing campaigns for analysis. With so many brands trying so many different approaches, it is important to know what is working for you, and what isn’t, so you can best allocate your resources and promote conversion rate optimisation.

Speaking of resources, this also includes your time. Let 2022 be the year you do away with the mundane, manual marketing tasks that eat hours out of your week, and embrace savvy automation tools built around a winning sales funnel. Using data collected on your audience via marketing channels, various tools and software can be seamlessly integrated into well-structured campaigns for a more efficient delivery, generating effective results with automated workflows. This leaves you and your team with more time to focus on other important areas of your business, like client experience and content creation.

Leverage Social Commerce

While not a new concept, brands have finally woken up to the power behind social commerce. Engaging with influencers and crafting well-designed ads that complement social media feeds that all funnel back to an ecommerce platform has become a proven strategy employed by brands of all sizes. New platforms, such as Tik Tok Shopping and Instagram Checkout are making this even easier, so there really is no excuse not to jump and give it a try!

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