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Using The AdWords Editor

Clearwater Staff

google adsIn essence, the Google AdWords Editor is a free application that is designed to provide offline Google Ad campaign management. Prior to the release of AdWords Editor, there was no alternative to access and manage campaigns without accessing the cloud AdWords platform via an internet connection.

Google AdWords was made so that organisations can handle multiple advertisement accounts and make necessary changes even if they are devoid of an internet connection. The changes are synchronised with the campaign once the device is connected to the internet.
There are various advantages of using the AdWords Editor, such as the ability to make changes in bulk and save considerable time. However, before you take to the application, here are a few pointers on how to use the AdWords Editor.

Downloading The Application And Campaign Data

Downloading the AdWords Editor is fairly easy. You access the applications download page and you’re good to go. The AdWords Editor is notorious for not having a startup shortcut being placed on your home screen and you may need a little patience through the installation process.

Once the entire campaign is right in front of your eyes, managing things becomes a tad bit easier. Clicking on the ‘Manage’ option in the bottom left corner of the application is your next step.

The preceding dialog box displays the word ‘Campaigns’ which is accompanied by the number of campaigns that you have created, displayed in parentheses.

Clicking on the ‘Campaigns’ will lead to a comprehensive table that analyses the different campaigns, bifurcated in different rows to give you a glimpse of your entire Ad operation.

You are good to go!

Fine-Tune Your Campaign

As you proceed to click on individual campaigns, a detailed overview of every campaign will pop up on your screen. This is where you put your creative and analytical skills to the test – the campaign editing pane.

From keywords to determining the maximum cost per click, this is where you tweak your campaign for maximum results without fearing failure. Why? Because these are local changes that are yet to be synchronised to the online ad platform.

So if you want to run the change by a superior before it actually ‘goes live’ the AdWords Editor provides the ability to do so. All they need to do is to log in to the AdWords Editor, and proceed to ‘check changes.’ From here the person can analyse what type of change was made, and the details regarding what changes were made.

Managing Campaigns

The AdWords Editor provides an extensive, and comprehensive one-stop solution for all your AdWords account issues. It even makes adding and removing campaigns a matter of a few clicks.

Want to add a campaign? Just click the ‘Add Campaign’ button on the table top. A new row will be added to the existing campaigns. Edit the entire campaign information in one screen.

Removing a campaign is as easy. Click on the campaign you want to delete in the table. Then, click the “Remove” button at the top.
However, be wary of the ‘Remove’ button. The AdWords Editor won’t ask twice, as we have been accustomed to in other campaigns.

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