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What Is Latent Semantic Indexing And How Can It Help My Website?

Clearwater Staff

lsi keywordsIf you haven’t heard the phrase “latent semantic indexing”, don’t stress too much… It’s a fancy way of basically saying “additional relevant keywords” and is a reference from the academic world that the digital world has no inherited. In its origin in the 1980’s, it was a mathematical method developed to improve the accuracy of information retrieval using something called “singular value decomposition”, which allowed it to identify relationships between data on particular documents. In essence, it means that it finds hidden relationships between words in order to improve its understanding of information.

So now take this into consideration for SEO purposes, the process of LSI can theoretically be applied to the content on your website, specifically the relationship between a group of keywords and how this can enhance the ability for a search engine to understand your content.

But how is this going to help me and my website?

Great question! With search engines always on the hunt the most relevant and in-depth content for particular queries, taking the LSI approach allows marketers to optimise webpages and send better signals to search engines like Google.

How do you find LSI words?

  1. Google it! – A simple google search will create a dropdown field of various similar key terms that are related to your search, so this is an easy way to get you started. This method is also FREE so it’s worth a try.
  2. Use Google’s Keyword Planner – If you haven’t used Google’s keyword planner yet, you are missing out. Once you have gained access to Google Ads, you are able to research related keywords and suggestions for keywords based on a website, a related search or a product/service category. This method is also FREE and slightly more advanced than a standard Google search, so it’s highly recommended.
  3. Use the LSI Keyword Generator (link to – – Again, another FREE tool that has been developed specifically for this. It is simple to use and allows you to add a search term to the search bar, which will then present a list of other relevant key words to use. Amazing!

Latent Semantic Indexing is a useful way to promote solid SEO on any given webpage and is still a relevant method to use in today’s SEO. Remember, LSI is a small cog in the ever evolving realm of SEO, but it is still worth taking the time to research your keywords and implement them accordingly.

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