A Facebook advertising agency that will capture, engage and convert your audience

Want a Facebook campaign that will build your brand, captivate your audience and turn them into customers or clients? Speak to one of our Facebook marketing specialists in Melbourne and find out how.

Facebook advertising that will capture, engage and convert

With billions of monthly sessions and over 80% of Internet users on the platform, it should come as no surprise that utilising Facebook Ads provides one of the most targeted forms of online advertising.

Providing digital marketers with exceptional levels of targeting to over two billion users, Facebook allows you to speak directly to your target audience along each stage of the customer journey.

Whether you are just starting with Facebook, looking for a Facebook agency to manage your campaign or wanting to scale and grow your business. Clearwater will partner with you, providing strategic, technical and creative capability to bring your campaigns to life. 

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An agency that brings Facebook to life

Facebook success starts with a plan, a vision, and the capability, focus and commitment of a team that can bring it to life.

Clearwater will work with you to understand your goals, objectives and target audience, aligning a Facebook strategy and marketing campaign that is tailored for your brand and business.

Whether you are wanting to build awareness, drive engagement & customer loyalty or increase your online enquires, leads or sales, Facebook is one of the most cost effective digital advertising platforms. The benefits of Facebook for business owners make it a powerful platform that is difficult to over look, these benefits include;

  • Targeting capability (granularity)
  • Audience – over 2.5 billion monthly active users
  • Cost effective – impressive reach vs cost
  • Ad options and types – budget friendly
  • Robust analytics & performance tracking
  • Raise awareness & perception of your brand
  • Custom call-to-actions
  • Remarketing / retargeting your audience

Why your business needs to utilise Facebook

Target your audience at each stage of the customer journey

Facebook provides end to end targeting that allows you to speak to your audience at all stages of the marketing funnels. Whether it’s building brand awareness, interest, consideration, engagement or converting traffic to sales and customers, you can do so with incredibly granularity and flexibility.

Cost effective ad options

Whether you have a limited budget, modest or significant marketing budget, Facebook provides cost effective options for business owners. This includes impressive reach with over 2.5 billion active monthly users and granular targeting, Facebook provides a fantastic reach vs cost options regardless of your budget requirements. With many ad options and types available, the platform provides a budget friendly options for all business, large and small.

Robust analytics & performance tracking

Facebook provides robust analytics and performance tracking that provides data and insights to make informed campaign analysis and decisions. Data is king and in the world of social media, Facebook provides a tremendous ability to track and target audiences with confidence and pin point precision.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Taking your audience along the customer journey is a core marketing principle and Facebook provides comprehensive targeting options to re-marketing and retarget your audience. Whether its building brand awareness, reconnecting with your audience and building brand loyalty or providing compelling call to actions to generate sales or acquire more leads, Facebook provides retargeting options that can deliver stunning results.

Facebook Ads management that works for you

Our Facebook advertising service is a fully managed marketing service, based in Melbourne. We work with your advertising budget to provide bespoke campaigns, providing end-to-end delivery and account management by one of our dedicated social media specialists.

Facebook Ads Management - Our Process

1. Discovery

In this stage we will learn as much as we can about your business to determine your social media goals and objectives.

We will determine what success looks like for you and your business.

2. Strategy

We will build a strategy around goals established in discovery.

Key activities include audience targeting, budget allocation, platform & channels selection, funnel creation & project milestones.

3. Campaign build

We will assist in design and creation of social assets such as imagery and copy.

This includes the technical implementation and creation of campaign across chosen ad platform(s).

4. Review & go live

All campaigns go through an approval process to ensure that factors such a, creative, tone of voice and branding guidelines are adhered to.

Final review of technical campaign elements before going live.

5. Reporting

Your campaign manager will provide on-going performance reviews & recommendation.

This includes our live analytics dashboard as well as email (pdf) reports that include your key metrics and campaign insights.

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