2.We know paid media
3.Connections that convert

LinkedIn campaigns that connect and convert.

LinkedIn provides what could be considered as the only true professional social platform. While many consider it a must for B2B advertising, it can be mistakenly overlooked in favour of Google or Facebook Ads.

LinkedIn is the number one platform for B2B marketing effectiveness to build brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads.

With over 600 million professionals on LinkedIn and 4 out of 5 users driving business decisions for their organisation, it should come as no surprise why it has become the leading and largest professional network.

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4.Forging enduring connections
Make the right connections. Not just lots of them.

Did you know that LinkedIn provides the most effective network for B2B marketing? Success with LinkedIn advertising requires a strategic approach to effectively target the “right” connections.

Whether you are wanting to utilise the power of LinkedIn advertising for your business for the first time or looking to find a LinkedIn agency to manage your campaigns, Clearwater will partner with you to provide highly effective LinkedIn campaigns that will connect and convert. Our campaigns will build brand awareness & recall, generate leads, increase your sales and grow your client base.

  • Audience reach – over 600 million active users
  • High performing platform for B2B marketing
  • Targeting capability – matched audiences & custom targeting
  • Ad variety – from video to text
  • Increased visibility of your brand
  • Message Ads – private message target group
5.Impressive reasons to deploy
Persuasive ad formats

LinkedIn provides objective based advertising that will allow you to take your audience at any stage of the sales cycle. This includes building awareness, driving consideration and increasing your conversions. This is achieved through highly effective and powerful ad types and options, these include:


Sponsored ads appear directly in the LinkedIn feed of users of your target audience. There are three formats: single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads. This format allows you to:

  • Target your audiences using accurate, profile-based first-party data
  • Reach a highly engaged audience
  • Drive leads, build brand awareness, and nurture opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle

Text Ads are simple but highly effective pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) ads. This format provides:

  • Easy creation of ads and campaign creation
  • Tailored messages to your target audience
  • Pay for only the ads that work with per click per impression

Message Ads allows you to reach prospects on LinkedIn Messaging. By utilising Message Ads, you can:

  • Send direct messages to your prospects
  • Drive strong user engagement and response rates
  • Measure value by seeing which roles and companies are engaging with your ads
6.Joining the network
Why LinkedIn marketing should be
incorporated into your strategy.
Largest professional B2B network
Largest professional B2B network

LinkedIn provides a professional network that sees 4 out of 5 decision makers within an organisation utilising the platform. Connecting with key decision makers provide the most effective opportunity to connect and close your opportunities.

Increase your conversion rates
Increase your conversion rates

According to a year long study conducted by market leaders, Hubspot, LinkedIn Ads covert users to leads at just over 6 per cent. Compared to Google Search at 2.58 per cent, it should as no surprise that LinkedIn can provide exception ROI for your business.

Audience & custom targeting
Audience & custom targeting

LinkedIn provides powerful custom targeting and matched audience capability. This targeting provides highly specific and narrow targeting of your audience. This includes, industry specific variables as well as standard demographic information such as job title, company size, skill, seniority and industry.

Ad types & Options
Ad types & Options

Outside of the standard advertising types you will find on other social platforms such as sponsored content and sidebar ads, Linkedin provides an extensive list of ad options and choice. These include, text ads, Sponsored InMail, Message ads, programmatic display ads and dynamic ads.

7.LinkedIn specialists
LinkedIn ads management from an award-winning agency.

Your LinkedIn marketing campaign is managed by a dedicated LinkedIn specialist. From your initial call with our team, through the growth, success and any challenges along the way, our team is committed to providing expectational customer service.

We provide you with a monthly performance update by phone and take you through key performance metrics and campaign insights. We provide dashboard reporting that enables you to review your campaign performance online 24/7 with your campaign manager that is only a phone call or email away.

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