Well-executed marketing strategies are the key to any successful business. Without this key component, the corporate world as we know it simply wouldn’t exist. Despite the greatness of advertising, it can get relatively mundane. People are aware that every company wants to sell them a product. Which ads have stuck out to you? Usually the most memorable ads are funny, moving, and high quality, and if you have a memorable ad you will have a memorable product. The ability to gain a new customer is based on how unique and eye catching a company’s ad can be.

Now with the Internet and social media advancing practically every day, there are new and innovative ways to grab a person’s attention through advertising. Some ideas may be obvious or self-explanatory, but they create healthy competition and promote creative thinking. As the list continues to grow, here are just a few of the ways content marketing is reaching the tech-savvy generations.

Be Controversial/ Go Against the Norm

Especially in today’s societal disagreements, there’s always a topic that can be debated. If your company writes a blog, this can be the perfect platform for discussion, as well as creating an environment that allows you to engage with potential and current customers.

Be cautious when using this approach, and be sure to include both sides of an argument though. It only takes seconds for a person to form an opinion on what they see. It would be bad advertisement to label a company as having just one singular viewpoint, not to mention the negative press it could invoke.

Offer Content Through a Buyer’s Journey

A customer won’t initially buy a product right off the bat if they’ve never engaged with the company before. Why should they? The business has given them no incentive as to why they should. One bitter fact remains; no matter how well the advertising is done, people need that extra sense of security before making a purchase.

Here is where the beauty of email lists comes in extra handy. It’s a way to appeal to them directly without any face-to-face communication. Offer free trials, suggest specific blogs for them to read, promote eBooks, sales, and anything else that would make the buyer think twice. You’re job at this point is to make the customer believe your business is legitimate, and that you have the product they need. Email lists retarget potential customers to remind them that you’re there and offer a valuable service they may want.

Technology has made it possible for businesses to understand a buyer’s preferences through surveys, questionnaire’s, and other forms to engage their personality. There’s no reason a company shouldn’t be using such techniques to their advantage.

Always Allow for Feedback

I’m sure at some point you have left a comment on a company’s Facebook page or Google account, commenting on how well or poor a product was. Positive criticism and negative criticism go hand in hand in the marketing world. It measures a business’s performance, functionality, and ability to cooperate with customers. Keep in mind that one negative review doesn’t have to sink you. The way you respond to the customer’s complaints and use their feedback can actually promote you more in consumers’ minds.

Provide End-to-End Testing (Reviews)

A review is the best way for a person to learn about how good a product or service is. Think about game reviewers on YouTube and Twitch; they buy a game, create a playthrough video or livestream, and give their final thoughts on the game. These videos can get millions of views at a time.

Some videos provide sponsorships for the reviewers, and depending on the person, put a popular face on the company. Not only do these videos show off the benefits, and even negative aspects of a product, it sparks curiosity in consumers to try the product or service for themselves.

Repost Across a Variety of Platforms

Almost every platform allows for content to be published across multiple social media sites. This is one of the greatest tools for a company to use. It shows they are engaged with consumers on each popular site and provides avenues for different types of advertising. It’s entirely possible to connect a blog site to an Instagram or Facebook page and use each platform to speak to a different type of demographic.

The world of advertising is constantly expanding and allowing for new opportunities to promote companies. The need for T.V. commercials is practically a thing of the past, most people use streaming services that make T.V. ads obsolete. Internet has become the connection for everything. With this in mind, sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are only at the beginning stages of advertising potential.



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