Writing for a marketing firm or a business can seem daunting when you consider that you have a select audience that craves relevant and new information. This content also has to be well written and deliver on reader expectations if you want to gain and keep readers. If you lack inspiration in the writing department, here are a few suggestions on how to keep your blog fresh and interesting.

  • List Resources

    Everyone loves a list, and they like them even better when it helps them do their jobs and make money. When writing a list or resources, make sure to include the well-known resources in the list to add credibility the post, but also include resources that are lesser known. Most people searching through lists are looking for something new. Lists are also great for your busy readers, who don’t have time to read the whole post.


  • List What Readers Should Avoid

    No one can resist a post with a Headline like “The Five Digital Marketing Mistakes You’re Making.” Just like people want to know if they’re missing out on a great new product, they also have a desire to know if they’re making a mistake.  A list of things people shouldn’t do is one way to get a lot of clicks in a short period.


  • How To

    A how to post is a great way to gain new readers. Anyone who is new to digital marketing is going to click on these posts, because they may not know what they’re doing. That means you can write about really basic concepts and still gain readers. This can also establish you as an authority in the new readers’ mind; making you the resource they go to any time they have a question.
    This can also be helpful to your loyal readers if you know how to take new complex ideas and simplify them.


  • Comparative Posts

    Take two well-known businesses, like Apple and Android, or Google and Bing, and compare their marketing strategies or even just their company mottos or goals. People will eat it up and it can spark debates within your readership meaning a lot of likes, comments, and maybe even a blog post in response to your opinion.

Inspire and drive your audience by giving them insight about your success.

  • Case Study

    A case study is a great way to gain a readership. Talking about how major companies market their goods or how prominent people gained their fortunes gives readers something to aspire to and a list of ideas on how they can build up their businesses.


  • Let Your Readers In On A Secret

    Give your readers a lesser known tip or piece of information. Everyone loves a good secret, so when you reveal something they didn’t know, or let them in on some insider knowledge, it makes the reader feel like they’re part of an exclusive club or membership, but this post must deliver. If you write a blog entitled “The One Marketing Tool You Weren’t Told About in School,” and then write about Facebook you will lose readers.


  • A Newsworthy Post

    This type of post can gain you readers from outside of the business and marketing sphere, but it must be timely. You cannot post on something that happened months ago. If it isn’t timely, your readers will have no reason to care.


  • Ask A Question

    An easy post to do that requires little effort is a question post. This type of post allows your reader to engage in the content with you and allows for interaction between your readers as they debate answers.


  • Try Writing about Something New

    If you’re really in a rut, try writing about something different. This can freshen up your blog, and help you regain readers that grew tired of the same content type.


Writing for a specific audience can be difficult, and with time your writing may feel like it’s becoming stale, but you can easily fix that by using some of the techniques above. However, no matter what you write, remember the goal is to gain readers, not lose them, so make sure that all of your content is either original or well cited, as well as, credible, and engaging.

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