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How to Create a Youtube Channel in 3 Easy Steps

Clearwater Staff

YouTube has 2 billion users every month and One billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. 
90% of people saying that they discover new products and brands on YouTube, it should come as no surprise that YouTube is channel that your business needs.

Let’s look at how you can create a Youtube channel in 3 easy steps

Humans are visual beings, and we are influenced and stimulated by things we see every day.  

So, it comes as no surprise when you read the stats above that videos are a hugely successful advertising and marketing medium for any business. Tantalising the senses by combining sight and sound in a cleverly put together video can be exactly what you need to widen your customer base, and have them moving further down the marketing funnel before you can say “click the link below to head to our website”.

Even with all the media tools at our disposal in this day and age, YouTube is King of video content. So why not put on a show and start your own YouTube channel?  

1. Create a new YouTube account using your Google Business Account  

You will require a Google Business Account before you can create a YouTube Account.   

  • Go to YouTube’s website   
  • Sign in   
  • Create account   
  • To manage my business   
  • Sign in instead  

2. Create a new channel  

This is where you will create your new channel where you can post your video content to!  

  • Go to your Channel List   
  • Create a new channel   
  • Choose “Use a business or other name”   
  • Add your Brand/Business name   
  • Click Create! 

3. Fill out the About section   

Here is where you describe your business and what viewers can expect from your channel.  

  • Upload your profile picture: This could be your business logo, or perhaps one of your Google My Business pictures  
  • Add your channel description: Make it something catchy that grabs attention and lets people know who you are and what you’re all about.  
  • Fill out your details: Enter the email address that viewers can contact you on, and the location of your business  
  • Add external links: Add in links to your business website and other social media accounts for those who like what they see in your YouTube channel 

Further enhance and customise your YouTube channel 

Creating YouTube Channel Art  

Like a Facebook cover photo, YouTube channel art can be used to help set the tone for your page. It needs to be attention-grabbing like the centrepiece artwork in your living room. It will be the first thing that everyone sees when they come to visit, and you want to make an impression! Using your business branding colours and logos, or a company statement that resonates with, and promotes what you’re about, or even a high-quality photograph can pique a viewer’s interest.    

Adding a watermark to your videos  

This will mainly ensure that no one can steal your unique YouTube content and try to claim it as their own (believe it or not, it can happen!) without taking your company logo with it. But it also further instils your company logo in the viewer’s mind if it shows up in the corner of every video you post, and provides consistency within your branding. It’s a small, but powerful trick, that taps into the subconscious while your community is enjoying your content.  

Do more than just post videos  

Running a successful YouTube channel involves more than just posting videos and waiting for people to find you. It’s essential to engage with the community to help build a presence and show support and interest to other channels and users out there. Otherwise, for all they know, you could be a bot! You can do this by following other channels, commenting on videos, and responding to comments on your own videos.   

Lights, Camera, Action! 2 billion potential viewers are waiting… it’s time to create your very own Youtube channel

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