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Why Your Content Strategy Isn’t Working And How To Fix It!

Clearwater Staff

The recent trend in digital marketing is for people to promote the concept of “content is king” and if done correctly, it can be a fantastic strategy for your business. However, just because you are writing content and continually pushing it out to an audience, it doesn’t mean you and your business are going to benefit from this.

Here’s the simple fact – Over 440 million blogs exist online. With digital marketing becoming a more apparent approach for a wider range of businesses, you can understand that everyone from a bedroom blogger to a massive corporation are trying to get their message out there and are constantly competing with one another. The real question is, why would anyone read your content when there is so much already out there?

Do you ever feel like you’ve been posting consistent blogs all year with no return? Ever feel like you are just writing for the sake of it?

Gone are the days of identifying a popular term or keyword that you want to promote and simply writing a blog on it as it is almost CERTAIN that someone else will be doing the exact same thing. Take the search term “digital marketing tips” as an example, there are 531,000,000 results for this search alone:

On top of the competition involved in writing a blog similar to the above topic, everyone is writing the same thing and just structuring it slightly differently, meaning the content isn’t original and the same overused message is being delivered.

So how do you differentiate your content strategy to be able to compete these days?

Be personal. Share your unique life experiences and make the reader understand what is happening your world. By tying in personal experiences to your content, you will notice that the content itself is more transparent to the audience and you will avoid recycled information.

Also try to avoid generic headlines like “the 7 newest technologies in digital marketing” as headlines. These have been used to death and tend to lose a sense of authenticity to your audience.

So how do I identify unique topics to write about?

One of the best tools for identifying trendy topics is Google Trends. Google Trends is amazing as you can filter industry, location and time frame:

By identifying unique trends in data, you are able to find interesting topics and then put your personal spin on them, ensuring that you have a commonly searched topic that will be relatable to your audience.

Plenty of people are using this tactic, but at least this gives you a head start on particular topics that you can see trending in the right direction and promote some blog ideas.

So what now?

Get out of the habit of pushing out content for the sake of it and have a good think about what your audience wants to hear. Utilise different content experiences like video or audio and create some unique perspectives on the industry you are working in.

The marketing world is moving away from flashy tactics and buzzy headlines and is demanding properly thought out content that adds value to the audience, so it is vital that you start to shift your approach to content marketing.

Put yourself in your customers shoes, would you read a recycled article that has been delivered by 30 other competitors? I don’t think so…

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