Social Media Ads Management

We are a social media agency that does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach, especially when it comes to social media marketing. We challenge businesses to build bespoke campaigns that matches messaging to audiences with hyper targeted precision. The power of social media targeting means you know exactly who you are showing your ads too and your campaigns should be tailored to each specific audience.

No matter what industry or type of business you are, our process & strategy provides a structure to maximise long term return from you social media advertising.

Platforms we know inside out…

Social media services

Our social media process


In this stage we will learn as much as we can about your business to determine your social goals and objectives.

We will determine what success looks like for you and your business.

Develop Strategy

We will build a strategy around the goals established in discovery.

Key activities include audience targeting, budget allocation, platform & channels selection, funnel creation, timeline & project milestones.

Campaign Build

We will assist in design and creation of social assets such as imagery and copy.

This includes the technical implementation and creation of campaigns across ad platform(s).

Review & Go Live

All campaigns go through an approval process to ensure that factors such as, creative, tone of voice and branding guidelines are adhered to.

Final review of technical campaign elements before going live.


Your campaign manager will provide on-going performance reviews & recommendations.

This includes our live analytics dashboard as well as email (pdf) reports that include your key metrics and campaign insights.


A digital plan and strategy is just the beginning. Our agile process allows our social media team to work with you as seamlessly as possible, providing exceptional client management and campaign performance as your business grows.

1. Discovery

2. Strategy

3. Build

4. Review

5. Reporting

6. Grow

What can we say, we dig creating awesome content…

University of Melbourne – Facebook Canvas Ad

This Facebook ad was created for University of Melbourne and is optimised for website traffic. The aim of the canvas is to showcase a series of blog content The University created to promote their new online course.

The canvas landing page provides an opportunity for target student demographic to read an article of their choice and convert as a lead on the end landing page.

Mustela – Facebook Engagement Post

Our content creation team produced this stop-motion animated gif to celebrate Easter, using the brand’s key ingredient and unique product selling point as the inspiration.

Collarts – Snapchat Video Ad

As one of the first Australian agencies to utilise Snapchat’s new self-serve advertising platform, we created video ads for all Collarts courses to optimise views and brand awareness, with a pre-populated form fill at the swipe up action to encourage conversions.

We’re all about funnels…

Few agencies touch us when it comes to developing highly targeted social media-driven sales funnels. Here, we’ll walk through it…

Initial engagement

We use Facebook’s audience targeting to strategically target key demographics with interesting news or blog articles, which appear in their news feed.


Deeper engagement

Users then click said content, leave Facebook and visit the target URL content. Voila! Now that we’ve got the first bite out of the way, we now look to re-market to them via Facebook.



We then later retarget those users the next time they visit Facebook with another ad in their newsfeed, which typically contains a much more targeted call to action, with the underlying driver to capture their contact details.


Contact detail capture

Whether via Facebook or a targeted URL, we then capture users’ contact details to retarget them as strong sales leads.


CRM locked and loaded

These sales leads’ contact details are then fed into a CRM – we’re talking Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Mailchimp and the like – to set up automated retargeting.


Commence sales cycle

With these leads now within the pointy end of the sales/conversion funnel, they’ll start being targeted by our client’s sales team, as well as start receiving periodic, strategically targeted emails.



Do you provide ad creative?

Yes, we offer in-house digital design services. We work with you to create on-brand bespoke content that is designed to convert.

How can I track my campaign’s results?

You will receive a monthly report along with a live dashboard that provides up to date reporting on all the key metrics. We don’t just send you these reports however, you will have a dedicated campaign strategist who will help guide you through what can sometimes be a maze of metrics and answer any questions on the progress of your campaign.

Why is social media advertising so popular?

Compared to television, radio or print social media is a cost-effective marketing option when it comes to reaching large numbers of potential customers. Other than being cost effective more businesses are incorporation social media into their marketing strategy as it is far more measurable than traditional media in that you are able to track all the way from someone viewing an ad to a purchase or enquiry.

What is the cost of a social media marketing campaign?

The costs can vary depending on your goals and objectives so the best place to start is to talk to our social media agency strategists who can explain the costs involved to achieve your specific objectives.

Which social media platform should I use?

Choosing which platform is crucial and sometimes it will best to use multiple. The main questions you need to ask at this stage is who is your target audience? Where do they spend their time? Which platform? These are just some of the questions our social strategist asks in order to help our clients reach their audience at the right time, on the right platform!

How many people can I reach on Social Media?

With over 72% of Australians active social media users, a lot. With such a high percentage of users there is a good chance your ideal audience will be reachable!