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5 Benefits of Using Google Shopping Ads

Clearwater Staff

Over the past several years since their launch in 2010, Google Shopping Ads have proven to be an essential part of a business’s eCommerce marketing strategy. They have continued to prove their effectiveness against more traditional options such as text or display ads and dramatically changed the paid marketing landscape by being the streamlined, easy to run, and well tailored marketing opportunity for all eCommerce stores.  

Check out the following five key benefits to Google Shopping Ads  

1. Product review integrations 

Google Shopping Ads has the ability to integrate with multiple different high authority, third party product review platforms. There certain requirements regarding who can integrate reviews into Google Shopping, such as:
– You need to have more than 50 reviews
– All reviews are synced (including the reviews with low ratings)
– Reviews must not violate copyrights, be offensive or spammy
Having these product reviews available for shoppers assists with their product research and purchase decisions, which drives more qualified customers to your product pages. 


2. Better qualified traffic

When you search for a product, Google Shopping Ads immediately shows the user an image, price, business name, and a product title that links straight to the product page. This ensures that you only pay for genuine clicks because the user is already gone through the stages of searching for the product, reading the information and seeing the image, and wanting to know more. When all of the important information is given up front like that, you are less likely to get clicks that are unqualified. 


3. Higher conversion rates to text only ads 

On average, Google Shopping Ads generate 26% higher conversion rates, have a 23% lower cost-per-click than text only ads, and drive 76% of retail search ad spend. There’s a number of good reasons why these statistics are so favourable: 

  • Consumers who click on Google Shopping Ads featuring an image show high purchase intent 
  • All of the important product information is shown up front without having to search around a business’s website 
  • There’s a greater reach for your ads as they have the ability to appear more than once for a single online search query 

As most of us are visual beings, an ad that shows up at the top of your search results with an attractive image and snippets of the important information you need in order to make a purchase, is likely to be the more convenient and better targeted option alongside it’s text only competition.  


4. Goals tailored to the product itself 

Google shopping groups products together instead of grouping keywords. Your entire product inventory is structured and advertised in a way that bests suits you. Lots of e-commerce stores don’t just have one blanket goal for their entire inventory of products, because the profit margins and sales targets generally vary depending on what’s being sold. Shopping campaigns have the ability to group products together in the context of the sales goals, which then gets optimised from there. Shopping ads are all about attracting shoppers with clear objectives – buying your product! 


5. Granular reporting opportunities 

The reporting for Shopping Ads uses filters to view how products are performing at product, brand, and product group level. You can also gain benchmarking data to help get insights into how your product campaigns are performing in comparison to your competition. You are able to see how many clicks a particular brand of product gets just by filtering your products view. With the granular reporting options, you will be able to identify opportunities for growth with impression share data. 

With the all-encompassing above-mentioned benefits to Google Shopping Ads, it’s hard to fault such a streamlined and easy to manage marketing strategy with such excellent conversion and customer spend statistics. Time to invest in your virtual store front! 

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