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YouTube is a unique platform, acting as both the most used video-sharing social network in the world, but also as a prominent search engine for general knowledge enquiries to some of the most niche means of entertainment available.

With the information above, it is easy to see why so many businesses rely on the platform’s advertising opportunities to build awareness and engagement with their target audience. If you are looking for a YouTube advertising agency that can get you started with strategic, technical and creative expertise – the specialists at Clearwater are ready to assist.


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YouTube Advertising Agency in Australia

YouTube hosts over 1.7 billion unique monthly active users and receives upwards of 14.3 billion monthly visits each month, which is more than Facebook, Instagram and Amazon. In fact, it is second in usage only to its larger parent company – Google. 

Utilising such influence, alongside strategic targeting and customisable ad types, brands can find a cost-effective method to boost their awareness amongst target audiences, as well as promote ongoing engagement and nudges towards repeat conversions.

Clearwater is a YouTube advertising agency ready to assist you in developing tailored campaigns that introduce your business to suitable viewers on the channel, generate more qualified leads and even increase your direct sales from a blossoming client base.

Benefits of YouTube Advertising
  • A cost-effective way to reach a broad audience – nearly 2 billion active monthly users
  • Target ads to specific demographics, interests, and locations.
  • Highly visual and engaging formats at the beginning, middle or end of videos
  • Performance tracking using various insights & metrics
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website or landing pages
  • Customisable ads to fit your budget and objectives
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YouTube Ad Formats

YouTube provides several unique and powerful ways for businesses to reach out to their target audience and convert them into potential customers. It’s therefore essential to understand which YouTube ads work best for your campaign.

Skippable In-Steam Video Ads

These are the most common type of YouTube ad, usually between 6 seconds and 3 minutes long. Viewers can choose to skip these ads after 5 seconds.

Non-Skippable In-Stream Video Ads

As the name suggests, these ads cannot be skipped by viewers. They must be watched until the end. Non-skippable ads are typically 15 seconds or shorter in length.

In-feed Video Ads

Formally known as “video discovery ads”, these thumbnail images taken from the video with small amount of text next to it are displayed in areas where discovery takes places, such as the search results, suggested as a related video or on the mobile homepage. They’re typically used to raise awareness about a brand or product.

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are short, non-skippable ads that must be watched before viewers can see the intended video. Bumper ads are 6 seconds or shorter in length.

Overlay Ads

Overlay ads are semi-transparent text or image banner ads that appear on the bottom 20% of a video. They can be clicked to take the viewer to the advertiser’s website.

Outstream Ads

Outstream ads are a mobile-only and not on YouTube.  Websites and apps running on Google video partners. These videos commence playing without sound and can appear in-feed, native, banners and interstitials (while the website or content is loading in the background).

Masthead Ads

Masthead ads appear on mobile, desktop and TV, and autoplay without sound between 30 seconds to the full video duration, depending on the platform.  This type of high-exposure ad is only available through Google sales representative as a reserved media placement.

Why YouTube Advertising Should Be Part of Your Strategy
Greater Audience Reach
Greater Audience Reach

With nearly a third of the world’s population as active users on YouTube and over 92% of internet users regularly consuming video content each week, your potential customer base is vast. In fact, YouTube ads have a potential reach of 2.56 billion users.

Refined Audience Targeting
Refined Audience Targeting

YouTube offers a range of targeting options that allow you to specifically target the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. This includes search-based targeting, customer matching, demographics, and similar interests.

Cost-Effective Campaigns
Cost-Effective Campaigns

Given YouTube’s place in Google’s broader online advertising catalogue, the costs associated with the campaigns are relatively cheap. Certain keywords on the Search Network can reach highs of $50 for a click (if not more), whereas the average for YouTube ads is between $0.05 and $0.10. With the added benefit of refined audience targeting, advertising budgets will go much further regarding return on investment.

Insightful Reporting & Analytics
Insightful Reporting & Analytics

YouTube provides detailed analytics so you can see how your ad campaigns are performing and make changes accordingly. This level of data is unparalleled in other forms of marketing and allows you to fine-tune your campaigns for maximum effect.

Experienced YouTube Ads Management Agency

Take away the stress from creating and managing your YouTube advertising campaigns and trust the specialist team at Clearwater. We are an award-winning digital agency committed to offering comprehensive services from your initial strategy session to ongoing delivery, reporting and optimisation.

Alongside a 24/7 campaign dashboard, your ads expert will also keep you informed on performance and explain your results surrounding key performance metrics so you can clearly understand your return on investment.