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We’re the antithesis of your typical SEO agency – we preach what we practice.

Hence why our domains have been ranking longer than anyone for ’SEO’ keywords, in Australia. The reason is twofold. One, we have some of the most advanced proprietary systems and software in the market. Two, from sheer experience, our team knows SEO inside out – and then some.

Oh, and you’ll never find us trying to lock you into a set-and-forget ongoing contract. That’s not our style – everything is performance-based to keep things honest.

We've driven positive SEO results for the brands you know...

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“Clearwater have been a trusted partner of the University of Melbourne for over three years now. Not only has their expertise delivered strong, measurable business outcomes for the organisation - the relationship formed through their personalised approach to partnerships has made a considerable impact in an industry scarce of valued based operators.”

Chris Parkes
Director, Marketing and Communications; Asia Communications Strategy Lead

“Over the years we have tried a number of SEO companies but none have delivered the response or results that we are now experiencing from Clearwater Agency. Jarlam Australia Pty. Ltd. has grown significantly in the last 12 months with the help of Ben and David delivering old fashioned customer service, values and results! Keep up the great work guys!”

Jim Hamilton
Managing Director at Jarlam

“Since changing over to Clearwater at the start of 2018 our company has achieved significant growth in our SEO campaign’s, in fact almost doubling our results from last year. Whether it be SEO, Social or Design the support, feedback and reporting we have had from the Clearwater team has been first class.”

Mark Gibbens
General Manager of Business Operations at bestchance

Check out all our Google Reviews for more true experiences from real clients that have had amazing results.

"Clearwater has literally doubled my business."

Don Jenkins - Granicrete Australia

"Our enquiry rates of stockists wanting to deal with us has increased 10-fold."

Paul Schiff - Angel Hair Extensions

How we work with you.



1. Exhibit

Typically, the very first thing we do is offer a casual walk-through. Here, the intent is talk you through tangible SEO results we’ve delivered for some of Australia’s largest brands., just to give you an idea of the kind of results you can expect by engaging us.


2. Analyse

This part of the SEO process is critical. It’s where we take a deep dive into your business and brand. For us, it’s an inside-out approach. If we form a deep understanding of your business model, your products and services, your customer demographics, your competitors, the better placed we are to help you outperform the market for SEO. All this is critical in developing a tailored strategy that will tangibly deliver upon your business’ objectives.


3. Forecast

Once we know the playing field, we then start to map out timeframes and set realistic expectations, both for you and for us. Organic search is typically a long game. We’d rather under promise and over deliver in a shorter timeframe than over promise and under deliver, which is precisely what so many snake-oil-salesman SEO agencies that are purely focused on making a quick buck at your expense do.


4. Deploy

Ultimately, deployment is guided by the timeframes we’ve mapped out with you. This where the proverbial rubber starts to hit the road – we start implementing all the key strategic elements to start the process of getting your site ranking.


5. Measure

We’re not a set-and-forget kind of agency. Once we’ve started rolling out the various strategic elements to start getting you ranking, we then constantly monitor traffic, conversions and rankings to optimise your ongoing SEO strategy, as well as identify additional areas for growth and conversions.

We then constantly monitor traffic, conversions and rankings to optimise your ongoing strategy to drive further growth.


6. Educate

A big thing for us is education. Sure, we’re more than happy to do all the work for you for as long as you need us to. But we’re equally happy to ensure your marketing team or relevant people get up to speed to keep on top of reporting, which is something we do in person or over the phone – whichever works best for you.

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Our tech team’s knowledge spans wide across a diverse range of modern technologies, so no matter what you’ve deployed – we’ve got the knowhow to squeeze the most out of it.

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Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising a website to improve the search visibility on search engines such as Google. Most search engines provide guidelines around how to get the best performance in their index, or search results. By following these guidelines and through strenuous testing and experience, we work to gain advantage over your competitors.

At first many practises may seem simple. This includes creating an effective site structure, optimisation of the page titles and using well-written and structured content. Despite this, it can prove to be extremely challenging and resource intensive. For most businesses, doing their own SEO can prove fruitless.

When we look deeper into the technical aspect of SEO, we can break it down into two key areas. On-site (also known as on-page) and off-site (also known as off-page and link-building).

On-page refers to practically anything that can be changed within the source code of a website. This includes URL structure, meta data, heading tag structure, content and more.

When it comes to on-page SEO, many SEO agencies claim there are extensive changes and quite often lead prospective clients to believe there are critical ‘doomsday’ errors. This can be misleading as on-page is relatively simple, doesn’t take long to and there is very much a ‘right way’ to implement it. Once it’s implemented, it’s monitored using custom and third-party tools and rarely is changed. It may be changed but only usually when there is a change in keywords being targeted or major changes to Google guidelines.

The first step we take after consultation with you, is a careful analysis of your website for any technical issues. Some technical issues are simple to fix, others more complex, but almost all can prevent us from ranking the website.

These kind of checks include things such as duplicate content, broken links (404/403 errors), thin content and various other checks. Once a site is deemed sufficient, we then move on to keyword research.

The basis of good keyword research lies in the consultation with the client. Clients know their customers and business best, so we always look to learn more about the ideal customer and areas of growth in the business and industry. Once this is established, we use a combination of competitor analysis and a range of custom and third-party tools. This information and these tools are used to determine search trends, search volumes and current rankings for your business. From here, we begin to build a list of recommended keywords.

Keywords determine the strategy and implementation of both the on-page SEO and link-building from this point.

Keywords are always confirmed prior to engagement and are unanimously agreed on. This is an important point as many agencies who offer ‘guarantees’ on results rely on choosing low-volume and competition keywords to meet them.

Link-building involves building ‘links’, also known as hyperlinks to the domain we are doing SEO on. Whilst at first this sounds simple, it’s crucial this process is meticulously planned and measured regularly. Not only do Google and other search engines take into account the source of the link, but also factors such as how it links to your website and to what page. In short, the more authority, the better the search visibility. Over time we work to not only maintain, but to increase the authority of the website and pages we are trying to rank. The more competitive the keywords, the more authority or link-building required.

Many agencies have ‘out of the box’ link-building strategies. In many cases, they replicate these strategies across all of their clients or use outsourced and automated link-building to cut costs and time. But, in almost all circumstances this results in poor results. Another common method is using many low-quality links to make up the authority required, rather than focusing on quality. A small number of high authority links is always preferred as it reduces the likely hood of triggering an algorithmic penalty from search engines.

Some agencies don’t build links. This is a concern. Almost all reputable agencies will agree that link-building is critical to the success of a campaign. Agencies who don’t link-build, generally don’t as they don’t have the expertise. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s ‘black’-hat’ as these agencies claim – If care is taken, reputable sources and methods are used and it’s monitored, it’s highly effective.

Our link-building methods are custom to all websites we work with and can change based on client and domain requirements. Get in touch to find out more.

Our campaigns are results-based. This means client retention is solely based on performance and client experience. We back our ability to not only get your website ranking, but deliver organic growth in traffic and conversions.

At the start of each campaign, we outline key deliverables, KPI’s and timeframes. This ensures we set expectations for both parties and have common goals to work towards.

This method has proven successful for us, as we have a range of impressive SEO case studies and client testimonials. If you would like to see more, please ask.

Many SEO agencies focus primarily on the movements of a handful of keywords and that’s it. It’s important to remember that with an effective SEO strategy, many keywords, not just the ones being tracked will also improve in rankings. This is evident when looking into the organic traffic movements of a campaign, that being just traffic directly from organic search results. There often is a disproportionate increase in traffic compared to the search volume of the keywords being tracked. With that being said, organic traffic and organic conversions (enquires, phone call etc) are the best measure of a campaigns success.

With years of being in the industry, one common problem we hear people have with other SEO agencies is that the reporting is insufficient or in some cases, non-existent.

We rely on our reporting to demonstrate the value we bring, so reporting is highly-important not only to our clients, but to us.

Our reporting tool integrated with Google Analytics, Search Console, MyBusiness, Ads and more. This provides us a platform for highly custom reporting for each individual client with features to help determine desktop and mobile search independently. Get in touch for a sample report and demo.

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