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Improve your visibility, increase your revenue

Google shopping provides a platform to improve the visibility and accessibly of your online business. The power and benefits of the platform can help you transform your ecommerce business by providing a channel that offers marketers the ability to target their audience with “purchase” intent.

Google shopping listings offer more than traditional text based based, consisting of images (thumbnails of products), headline, price, product rating and brand name. Moreover, these listings appear at the top of the search results providing greater visibility for your brand.

Clearwater provide campaigns that blend strategic, technical and creative flair to maximise your ROAS and boost your eCommerce revenue.

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Why your business needs Google Shopping

Increase qualified traffic & leads

Google shopping provides the ability to target customers that are ready to purchase. This will increase your qualified traffic and leads, resulting in more prospective customers for your business. With shopping listings appearing at the top of search results they offer a better click through rate and you can be assured that your brand will have more visibility and presence in the search results.

Better user experiences and visual

Google shopping offers the ability to utilise more than traditional text based ads. This includes imagery such as product images, product pricing, ratings and headlines. This provides a search and shopping experience for customers that enhances user experience and ultimately will lead to better conversion rates.

Higher click through rates & lower CPC than text ads

Higher click through rates and lower CPC than traditional text ads make Google Shopping a cost effective marketing channel and platform for eCommerce businesses. With Google now offering both free and paid listings for advertisings, there has never been a better time to market with the platform.

Bottom of the funnel traffic with “purchase” intent

The platform will help you drive users that are ready to buy your products and services, these are referred to as bottom of the funnel leads or those with an intent to “purchase” or take action. This providers advertisings the ability to cut through and get their listings in front of buyers who are ready to make a purchase as soon as possible.

Easy setup management than traditional ad campaigns

Setting up a Google Shopping campaign can be easier to setup and manage than traditional ad campaigns but that’s when the real work begins, getting results. Optimisation of shopping campaigns are where the rubber meets the road and where a Google Shopping management service can be of tremendous value.

Multiple results in the search results - organic, PPC (text only) and Shopping

The platform provides an additional visibility and presence in the search results. Whilst most businesses understand the power of organic search combined with PPC such as Google Ads, many often overlook the benefits that “top of the results” listings that Google Shopping can provide for their business. Harness the power of additional search results real estate.

What does this mean for your business?

Clearwater will provide effective optimisation of all your shopping listings. We ensure that your listings are relevant to your target audience leading to a better return on adspend, conversion rates and ultimately online sales and revenue. Partnering with an agency can allow you to focus on your business and inject both strategic, technical and creative capability into your business and marketing campaigns in a cost effective manner.  

This includes; Google Shopping account setup, feed creation and optimisation, bid management, campaign management, monitoring and comprehensive performance reporting.

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