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Email marketing is a cornerstone of successful digital marketing campaigns, and is only growing in performance for businesses of all sizes. Approximately 96% of Australians will hold an email address, and as a nation, it is becoming far more commonplace to exchange them during online transactions.

With tailored development and targeting, businesses can raise awareness of their brand, products and promotions, build key relationships, and work towards driving more sales using email marketing campaigns.

With tailored development and targeting, businesses can raise awareness of their brand, products and promotions, build key relationships, and work towards driving more sales using email marketing campaigns. From initial design and development, to software integration and automation, Clearwater’s team of email marketing specialists build customised, engaging templates to strengthen your sales funnel and ongoing marketing efforts, delivering greater return on investment.

Platforms we love

We’re generally agnostic as to which software you use for your email marketing. Recommendations are made based on indiviual requirements.

The keys to captivation

Our comprehensive email marketing services span from initial strategy throughout to execution and ongoing management. We focus not only on your business goals, but the preferences and expectations of your target audience, aiding us in creating bespoke designs, engaging copywriting, and seamless development for better penetration within inboxes. Our teams hand code functional, responsive HTML emails that are tested across the most popular platforms, and adapt to however the end consumer is viewing it, whether it be on desktop, mobile devices, or on a tablet. We also develop a range of campaigns for both growing your email lists and targeting every element of a customer lifecycle, further building brand awareness, encouraging engagement, and nurturing those ready to make a conversion.

Our email marketing expertise
  • End-to-end technical roadmaps
  • Audience segmentation
  • Email sequence planning
  • Nurturing and list growth
  • Email graphic design
  • Email copywriting
  • Custom email development
  • Platform setup & deployment
  • Setup of analytics & tracking
  • Integration into existing tech stack
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Customised list segmentation

Effective email marketing has the potential to exponentially grow your list of contacts and customers. As this number increases, however, standard templates distributed at mass will no longer bring the same return on investment, as audiences will be at different stages of the sales journey, or may vary in demographics, and need more tailored messaging to become engaged.

List segmentation is the process of splitting your email contacts into sub-groups based on their previous interactions with your business, their location, age, and other demographical factors. We build personalised email templates speaking directly to a sub-groups’ identity and perspective. This bolsters the relationship between the public and your brand; recapturing their interest, and move closer to considering converting.

Cross-communication with your tech stack

Modern email marketing not only works well as a standalone strategy, but can be optimised further with integrations to a wide range of external applications. Our email marketing specialists ensure the platforms you are using are configured to consistently speak with each other to ensure the seamless sharing of key information and insights.

This could be across your website, social media profiles, or paid advertising activities, each consistently refined to help build larger lists, faster response times, and more refined, effective email marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation agency

Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could simply set up engaging email templates that can be automatically distributed should visitors to your digital platforms perform a certain action? Well, this is exactly what can be achieved with effective email marketing automation systems introduced to your campaigns.

Today’s popular platforms have automation capabilities allowing us to craft targeted, responsive, and interactive email campaigns based on pathways that will be triggered by specific actions from digital visitors, such as downloading resources, completing a transaction, or submitting an enquiry. These emails can either be standalone messages, or work in a sequence that will continue until the recipient, again, responds with a predetermined action, ensuring you move closing to achieving your objectives. After the initial setup, all of this occurs without any manual effort, the platform continually performing all the directed actions entered by us at the start.

At Clearwater, we have a wealth of experiencing building automated campaigns for a range of clients, whether it be collecting previously missed sales through abandoned cart reminder sequences, promotional messaging to improve transactional values after purchases, or simple ‘welcome’ emails to greet new members to email lists. Our professional design, development and copywriting gives the impression all emails were sent directly from a member of your team, and we continually analyse the behaviours of your audience to refine these campaigns to ever-improve return on investment.

If you aren’t quite sure what email marketing automation or sequencing you might need, there is no need to fret; we can conduct a thorough audit of your digital system and recommend the best solution for your business.

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Your questions answered
Common Email Marketing questions
What is Email Marketing Software?

Manually sending out engaging, branded emails to your entire contact lists is unpractical to garner real return on investment. Email marketing software is a tool frequently adopted by digital marketers and business owners to design, develop, and send tailored emails to hundreds and thousands of contacts simultaneously. Within this software, users are able to segment their lists to better refine and target the content they publish; automation features are also available to establish pre-built responses to behavioural triggers from online visitors to your platforms; to further bolster your return on investments, key insights and reports are then generated from each of your campaigns to determine which elements are underperforming, and those that need to be pushed harder. When utilised correctly, email marketing software becomes a faster, more affordable, and more effective alternative to manual communications often undertaken by businesses.

Does Email Marketing Still Deliver Results?

Email marketing is one of the longest running mediums within digital marketing, leaving many sceptical as to the benefits it can still provide to businesses. In fact, the reverse is true. Email marketing has cemented itself as part of our digital presence as both businesses and individuals, leaving consumers across the world happy to distribute their addresses from online transactions or activities. When done correctly, email marketing can offer the highest return on investment for your business over other digital marketing strategies, for reasons such as:

– Better targeting and personalisation capabilities with direct messaging and customer segmentation
– Stronger relationships built from consistent, engaged, and relevant communication
– Elevated brand recognition within your industry
– Wider reach for gaining awareness regarding offerings and promotions, boosting sales figures
– Obtaining more insights into your target audiences’ behaviours, interests and expectations
– Establishing another traffic building channel for your digital platforms

Which Email Marketing Platform Should My Business Use?

Email marketing is a popular industry, with several options to choose from, including HubSpot, Klaviyo, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and more. At Clearwater, we operate without any preference to the options on the market, as we have years of experience tackling campaigns and business objectives across all of them. Make the decision based on your budgets and the features offered by the platform, such as software integration and automation capabilities. If you need some help or further insight into the industry as to what email marketing platforms might best benefit your business, our specialists would be more than happy to help. Contact us at Clearwater today for more.

How Does Email Marketing Work within a Wider Digital Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing is both benefited by wider digital marketing efforts, while simultaneously also supporting and improving the performance over other campaigns, too. Email marketing requires a list to prove effective, and a terrific way to build your list is through offering free resources or insights (such as ebooks) in exchange for an email address. These lead generation tactics can be promoted through search engine optimisation, social media advertising, Google Ads and so much more, resulting in a wider reach for your email marketing, and more opportunities to drive sales.

Email marketing doesn’t always have to be a hard sale, though. They can also redirect the attention of your audience back to your website and social media accounts, prompting more time to be spent on these platforms and encouraging a greater amount of engagement. The added activity will benefit your digital platform not just in the eyes of platform algorithms, but will further spread the word of your brand, building further awareness, interest, consideration, and eventually conversions of products or services.

Will Clearwater Assist in Setting Up My Email Marketing Account?

Yes. Our specialists understand it can be tricky selecting and setting up an email marketing platform, and how beneficial it can be to have a helping hand. We can work with you to understand your goals and select the best platform to achieve them through email marketing. From here, we can begin guiding you along the set-up, before progressing forward with developing custom email templates for your campaigns, handled by our copywriters, designers, developers and marketers.

How Much Will Email Marketing Cost?

Two costs will be associated with email marketing: the subscription fee for the email marketing platform you select, and for our management/creative services at Clearwater. Most platforms will charge based on the number of subscribers you have accumulated within your database. The great thing about our services at Clearwater is that we can work within your budgets, so you invest as much or as little as you feel comfortable with to achieve your goals.

To learn more and receive a quote, contact a member of our team at Clearwater today.