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Build brand recognition and maximise your online conversions

Google remarketing is the ability to reconnect and target an audience that has previously engaged with your website. With studies showing that up to 98% of consumers do not make a purchase during their initial visit to a brand website and over 70% of users abandoning online shopping carts, it should come as no surprise that all businesses should be utilising the power and benefits of Google Remarketing. 

When done correctly, it can provide business owners with staggering benefits, including building brand awareness, improving conversion rates and maximising marketing spend and ROI.

Partnering with an agency can provide your business with strategic, tactical, creative and execution capability to ensure you maximise the benefits of this powerful marketing channel. 

Discover how a Google Remarketing can work for you

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Why your business needs Google remarketing

Maximise marketing spend & ROI

Google remarketing provides one of the most cost effective marketing channels for your business that will lead to lower CPA, improved ROI and maximisation of your marketing budget and spend. The cost per click, impression rate and visibility for your brand can be staggering.

Build brand awareness, recognition and visibility

Remarketing will put your brand front and centre and top of mind for your audience, providing increased visibility and improve brand recall. This includes ads providing a reminder of a message original found/seen on your website by placed on websites across Google and partner websites.

Improve your conversion rates

Remarketing will help improve your online conversion rates by reconnecting with an audience that has already engaged with your website, providing an effective way to reengage, reconnect and nurture them back to product or service offering.

Hyper focused targeting of audience

Connect with your audience with hyper focused targeting, providing the ability to connect and reengage at a higher rate by utilising specfic audience lists with tailored and targeted messaging. Effective connectivity and alignment between users and message can dramatical improve your conversion rates and ROI.

Cost benefits and savings, Improve your bottom line

Google remarketing provides a staggering cost effective advertising option for your business. With cheaper CPC, impressions and the ability to have your audience keep you top of mind. Remarketing can provide exceptional returns and improve your bottom line even with a modest marketing budget.

Abandoned shopping carts targeting

Discover the benefits of remarketing with one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, retargeting abandoned cart users and customers. Speak directly to this audience and nurture them back to your website to complete their purchase/transition. Targeting users that have abandoned their shopping cart is critical for eCommerce success.

Powerful ad types & options

Remarketing with the Google Ads network provides multiple creative options and ad types. These include tradional types such as text based ads as well static images, animated images and video. Some examples of the types of campaigns types you can create include;

Display Remarketing

Display remarketing provides the ability to target and market those users who have visited your website by utilising the Google display network. These ads are displayed on Google or its partner websites referred to as the Google Display network. Typically this will be in the form of banner advertising and other strategically placed ads to maximise click through rate and visibility. 

Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing allows you to target users that have visited your site by remarketing with ads of content or products that are most likely to interest your audience based on what they have viewed previously on your website. This includes includes any previous product purchases, demographics and top selling products and offers.

Video Remarketing

Video remarketing allows you to show personalised ads to users across platforms such as Youtube and video partner sites based on their interests and interactions with your videos or channel. This can be a very cost effective channel and provides visibility and exposure to your brand across millions of users of the network.

Partner with an agency that understands your business

Clearwater will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives to create high performing, high converting and cost effective campaigns that will build brand awareness, improve conversions and keep your brand top of mind for your target audience.

Our approach brings the technical, strategic and creative elements together, providing our clients with high performing campaigns aligned to their marketing budget. We ensure that we follow best practice and that all marketing channels are integrated seamlessly into your digital marketing strategy to provide cohesive multi-channel marketing execution and management

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