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7 Creative Ideas to Get You Started on Tik Tok

Clearwater Staff

As a business owner, it’s only natural to always be on the lookout for new ways to reach potential customers and grow your brand. And in today’s social media-driven world, there’s no doubt that Tik Tok is a powerful platform with a lot of potential.

Sure, you might not think of Tik Tok as a ‘serious’ platform at first glance. But the fact is, it has over 1 billion active monthly users worldwide – which makes it one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Plus, its user base is growing rapidly, particularly among Gen Z and millennials.

But how can all of this be converted into a viable digital marketing strategy for your business? In this article, the Clearwater team explore 7 creative ideas to get you started on Tik Tok.

1. Product/Service Launch Teasers

If you want to get your business started on Tik Tok, one of the best ways to do so is by launching your product or service on the platform, starting off with a drip-feed of teaser content. This will help you to reach a wider audience and get people talking about your brand, as they share their excitement & feedback.

2. Inspirational Messaging

When it comes to business, inspiration is key. You can use Tik Tok to inspire others with your story and your journey. This is a great way to connect with potential customers by demonstrating your core brand value, getting viewers interested in what you do and turning them into followers. Be sure to stay consistent with messaging you believe will resonate with audiences.

3. Share a Behind the Scenes Look at Your Process

People love seeing behind the scenes looks at businesses. Use this platform to give your audience a look at what goes into your product or service, keeping things short and simple and specified on certain personal aspects. For example, it could be how you create your products or marketing material, even something more intimate, like how your team grabs a coffee together each morning.

4. Educational Pieces & Tutorials

Tik Tok is a great place to share educational content with your audience. This can be anything from tips and tricks to more in-depth looks at your industry. While this is both engaging and informative for your audience, leaving them to follow for more, but it also offers you the opportunity to show your skill and expertise.

Tutorials are always popular on Tik Tok, so if you have something to teach your audience, this is the perfect platform to do so. Sequential instructions keep people watching to the end, and may even prompt them to save your videos for later viewing, improving your favour with the platform’s algorithm.

5. Embrace the Q&A Capabilities

Tik Tok’s new Q&A features offer a unique, streamlined way to interact with your followers. They can submit questions to you on a range of things, and enable you to flag comments as questions, which can help to inform others with similar queries, or even prompt further content ideas.

6. Talk About Your Wider Interests

Your business is not the only thing that you are passionate about. Use Tik Tok to talk about your other interests, so your audience can get to know you better and recognise a more human element behind what you do. This is a great way to build real relationships with potential customers. This can be something small like television shows your team are currently obsessed with, or more topical, such as social justice campaigns or charities you support.

7. Join/Create a Viral Trend

You’re probably aware that Tik Tok saw its beginning with countless users performing similar dances and trends that are both simple, yet highly engaging. Whether it’s ‘Shooting for the Sky’, the ‘VHS filter’, or the ‘Flip the Switch’ challenge, there are always new things to try to capitalise on what your audience already recognises, and will appreciate your take on it.

The key is to be as genuine as possible; enjoy yourself, have fun, and lean into the comical side of things to share that feeling with your followers. Why not even try to create a branded filter or trend yourself, and see how far it takes you?


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