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7 Google Analytics Alternatives That You Need to Know

Clearwater Staff

Google Analytics is an SEO professional’s go-to tool for measuring brand success. Given that SEO progress is determined through Google SERPs, it only  makes that an expert would utilise the search engine’s official analytical tool.

However, there are many fantastic Analytics alternatives, each offering a host of dynamic features that might not be found on Google’s official platform.

Here are seven of the best Google Analytics alternatives.


GoSquared is a tool that provides valuable insights into consumer and site visitor behaviour. Working for both websites and apps, GoSquared can be utilised to build products, acquire new leads and enhance site experience.

GoSquared offers a customer data hub, live chat function and WordPress plugin, making it a handy tool for online stores. The platform allows business owners to analyse eCommerce metrics and usage trends, as well as personalise your account to show the data that is most imperative to your business.

One of the ultimate aspects of GoSquared is its GDPR compliance, making it paramount for privacy. GoSquared is a fantastic tool for easily comprehending valuable data, and paid plans begin after 1,000 monthly page views.


Clicky is one of the most popular Analytics alternatives. What makes it so widely renowned is its user-friendly functionality, making it great for budding marketers who often find themselves overwhelmed by Analytics’ metrics.

Clicky provides users with a detailed insight into visitor behaviour, allowing marketers to browse through different columns and easily comprehend which elements of their site are working and where improvements can be made.

The platform offers a real-time traffic tool, providing business owners valuable data up to the minute of their analysis. It cleverly utilises heatmaps to provide you with individual user activity as well as per page sessions.


HotJar is a tool designed to analyse the online behaviour of site visitors. This awesome tool focuses on qualitative data, which is everything that doesn’t concern numbers. Business owners can choose from a host of features including feedback tools like polls and surveys, as well as analytics like funnel trackings, heatmaps, visitor recordings and much more.

HotJar’s heatmaps provide valuable insights into how visitors interact with a website, including where they are clicking and how they scroll the site. The tool’s session recording function provides an understanding of a visitor’s journey through the website, furthering its status as the perfect platform for analysing user behaviour.

Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics is a recent addition to the alternative performance measuring catalogue. This powerful tool allows users to track all events on their website, mobile app or product, including everything from form submission to video plays.

The platform allows users to manually select the events they want to analyse, with all data recorded so that you can always go back and answer any queries you may have down the track. This feature makes the tool perfect for marketers who want to analyse product performance over a specific time period.


Matomo is another incredibly popular Analytics alternative, and allows users to import any pre-existing Google Analytics data. Matomo contains a range of great features including A/B testing, funnels, heatmaps and site goals.

One of the most important aspects of Matomo is its promise of complete user privacy and 100% data ownership, perfect for marketers who are concerned about privacy in 2020. They even provide the ability to host the tool on your own server if you are concerned about protecting sensitive analytical data.


Woopra is a highly functional tool that provides users with information regarding products, sales, marketing and support teams, and does so through tracking a visitor’s user experience on your site.

Woopra features over 50 integrations with products including Hubspot, Google Drive, Google Ads and Salesforce. It provides fantastic real-time features like direct messaging to a Slack sales channel as soon as a new member signs up.


FoxMetrics contains a “data warehouse” which stores all raw analytical data. Utilising an advanced SQL to access important metrics, users can produce specific search queries to locate all important information required across various measurements aspects.

FoxMetrics also has all the standard eCommerce functions, including cart abandonment analysis, tracking and segmenting customers as well as helping to optimise customer site popups and surveys.


If you are a marketer who is concerned about data ownership and privacy, or just simply wants to trial a different tool’s capabilities, the above list is the perfect starting point. With a range of vital metrics and easy usability, these tools are fantastic for business owners looking to try something new.

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