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Get New Customers in a Snap of Your Fingers with Snapchat

Clearwater Staff

snapchat logoSnapchat has been around since 2011 and is still widely popular today. However, it is seldom used by companies to advertise. Snapchat is so unique and different from other social media platforms, which gives it so much potential, and it has recently been updated to make it more accessible for advertising.

It has millions of users every day, so why wouldn’t you use it? If the answer is you don’t know how to, don’t fear we’ve got a quick run through on how advertisers can get the most from Snapchat below.

Advertising and linking your app through Snapchat allows you to advertise and deliver your product directly to consumers.

Utilize Snap Ads

Snap Ads are 10 seconds and appear in between Stories. Advertisers can give viewers the option to swipe up to view more content from them, which then can be used to link to the brands app. This app will automatically open if it is on the user’s phone already, or it will open to Google Play or the App Store if it hasn’t been downloaded yet.

This linking to the app is a new feature that was added in 2018. Along with this linking to apps, Snapchat has also updated its metrics. It now allows advertisers to see how many people installed the app after swiping up and how those people are interacting with the app, so they know how effective their social advertising strategy is. This swipe-up rate is five times higher than the click through rate on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Snapchat offers two types of Geofilters. The first is On-Demand Geofilters which begin at $5 and go up in price the more in depth you get. The other type of Geofilter is Sponsored Geofilters which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. These are a fun way for customers to interact with your brand when they are at your store or a location associated with you. When a user takes a snap, they will see your Geofilter before they send the snap and be able to explain where they are and why. This means they’re promoting your brand to all their friends.  However, this isn’t limited to location. Say you sell coffee and its national coffee day. You can make a Geofilter with your brand name show up for that one day and consumers can take pictures of the coffee products they bought from you.

Snapchat Sponsored Lens

These are everyone’s favourite on Snapchat. To use a Snapchat sponsored lens users simply lay their finger on the screen over their face. Then the lens adds fun graphics that can be interactive or have voice changing capabilities. Snap chatters play with a sponsored l ens for an average of 20 seconds, but some people check their lenses daily and if those twenty seconds are sent to their followers that’s a lot of people viewing your logo.

All of these services are paid for services, but not everyone is ready to spend that kind of money. There are a few things that you or your digital marketing team can do to promote your business on snap chat for free.

Use Snapchat stories

Snapchat stories last for twenty-four hours on the stories page. This is a free feature. You could even create a story series. Think of it as a mini tv-ad but with a much larger and more interactive audience.

Offer an irresistible Deal

You can use your Snapchat to offer coupon codes or deals. Because these stories last only 24 hours and can only be viewed once, it will make customers watch your brand closely in hopes of being lucky enough to get a buy one get one or 50% off coupon.

Advertise Updates

Snapchat is used by billions of people worldwide making it the perfect tool to use if you want to let people know about a new product or a job opening.

If you’re tired of posting blogs, Snapchat is a perfect solution for you. It’s a quick interactive tool that is highly underused by marketing teams, and yet used by millions of consumers. If you aren’t sure of how well it will work, try typing in one of your favourite brands like Coca Cola and see how many Snaps and articles pop up.

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