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How a CDN Can Improve Your Website Performance

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Clearwater Staff

cdn globeSpeed is a vital factor for retaining users who visit your website for the first time.

There is a high chance that your website could be faster. One way to ensure this happens is through using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which helps deliver static content to viewers quicker. A CDN can be a highly effective way to enhance page speed and viewer engagement at the same time.

We have selected three ways in which using a CDN can help speed up your website. But first, let’s take a look at what a CDN actually does.

What is a CDN and What Does it Do?

A CDN essentially shortens the distance information has to travel between the server and the viewer. A CDN consists of a network of servers, as opposed to a single server, and has locations in multiple geographic positions. When a viewer accesses a webpage, information is taken from the server to the position closest to them.

The result? Faster data flow. This is a CDN in simplified terms, although there is a lot more information about how CDNs actually work in comparison with utilising an origin server for facilitating a website.

So, How Do CDNs Improve Website Performance?

1. Faster Loading Times

A CDN stores multiple content types, which can contribute to quicker loading times for viewers. What’s more, the CDN stores this particular content and can distribute it directly to viewers at a faster pace.

Files that can be held on a CDN include:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Stylesheets
  • JavaScript
  • Image files
  • Web fonts
  • Other file formats (PDF, HTML, PPT, ZIP and more).

Essentially, anything saved in the WordPress wp-include and wp-content folders can be stored in a CDN. Using a CDN can speed up your website by making the time it takes to request information, receive it and send it to the viewer shorter.

Why does a faster website matter? A faster website can enhance your brand’s conversion rate. A two-second loading time increase could result in as much as 14% in company conversions.

2. Enhance SEO 

cdn worksBecause of the faster loading speed and overall performance, a CDN can also greatly improve your search engine optimisation and rankings.

Google gives priority to websites that have faster loading times and to those they can easily crawl. The more often Google crawls your webpage, the more quickly it notice content changes as well as updates regarding your content. This fast turnaround for search indexing will help boost your content among searches.

Content that is indexed quicker is more freely available for consumers. It’s all attributed to a cycle that begins with your website’s health. Even the more advanced elements of your website can determine how consumers find and engage with your content.

The CDN also provides extra security which can reduce attacks. Furthermore, you can combine a CDN with an SSL certificate for even greater security. Security is another major factor when it comes to the health, and ranking, of your website.

Although consumers can’t see any of this, it makes a massive difference for them as they won’t be kept waiting to view your website.

3. Reduce Bandwidth Costs

Because of the system a CDN works within, it can use less overall bandwidth across multiple servers. If you are paying for hosting based on bandwidth, enlisting the help of a CDN can significantly reduce these costs.

The bandwidth reduction occurs because multiple server locations are used to deliver content to viewers, so not all inquiries to your webpage are using the one origin server at the same time. Check and understand your hosting plan to see if this is the best option for you. Certain plans charge based on bandwidth, while other plans come with unlimited options.


If your Google speed isn’t up to standard, then it is certainly time to consider enlisting the help of a CDN.

Your site’s loading speed is imperative to the success of your online business, whether is be a store, service, or something completely different. If users visit your website only to find that it takes even a few seconds too long to load, chances are they are going to leave and leave for good.

This is why CDNs are the perfect option for enhancing your website’s speed. They can make your website load much faster for consumers, enhance your search engine optimisation as well as reduce bandwidth costs. It’s an awesome, highly practical option for many website owners.

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