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How to Get Royalty Free Images for Your Website

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Are you searching for high quality, royalty free images for your website? Incorporating eye-catching images in your content will attract more readers, as well as help keep their attention. However, finding quality, royalty free images can prove more difficult than it sounds.

So, we have created a list of the very best royalty free image sites out there. Each of the listed websites contain thousands of high resolution images that are ready to be sourced, edited and added to your website content.

15 Royalty Free Image Websites


1. Unsplash

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Unsplash has high-resolution, royalty free CC-O licensed and public domain images. It also has an awesome search feature which allows users to find images by theme, such as architecture, nature and film. There is also a Google Chrome extension that displays a new image each time users open a new tab, adding to the fun of the search.

2. FreeImages

FreeImages, formerly known as stock.xchng, has a massive collection (300,000+) of images and illustrations that are easily searchable and well-categorised. There are plenty of ways to find the perfect image for your post and you can even use stylish filters to enhance your chosen image.

 3. Pixabay

Pixabay is an incredibly popular place to find high quality images that are CC-O licenced. Each picture is organised into tags and categories, making them easy to search and locate. Pixabay also allows users to search by colour, meaning you can easily find images that relate to your website’s design and theme.

4. Pexels

Pexels is a wildly popular image-sourcing website with a massive collection of royalty free and public domain pictures. Each high quality image is properly categorised and this makes searching a breeze. It is incredibly easy to find images by filtering them through tags or categories.

5. Photo Pin

Using the Flickr API, Photo Pin is the perfect platform for finding free images to use in your posts. It searches creative common licenced photos from across the internet. You can even search by author, meaning you can easily find images from specific photographers.

6. Public Domain Pictures

There are plenty of public domain and royalty free images available at Public Domain Pictures. You can also use the search feature to find specific images, or just peruse the categories.

7. New Old Stock

New Old Stock contains stunning vintage images sourced from the world’s public archives. The images are incredibly beautiful, and capture important historical events. Each image is in the public domain.

8. Public Domain Archive

The Public Domain Archive contains high resolution, royalty free stock photos. The website has a massive range of new and old images all available for free usage.

office meeting9. Pickup Image

Pickup Image has clipart and royalty free images. They are easily searchable, as well as divided amongst categories and tags to make finding images simple.

10. SplitShire

SplitShire contains a collection of Daniel Nanescu’s photos that are CC-O licenced and royalty free. He regularly adds new images to the collection. You can easily search the pictures with the mosaic view, or filter the images by tags to find the right one for your content.

11. LibreShot

LibreShot contains over 40 million stock photos and royalty free images that are CC-O 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. Each image is free to use on websites and blogs.

12. Skitterphoto

 Skitterphoto contains a massive collection of unique, rarely-used photos, all royalty free and CC-O public domain.

13. is a stunning website containing amazing CC-O licenced and royalty free images. These images are well categorised, making searching easy. There is also a search bar where you can filter images by tags and categories.

14. WikiMedia Commons

One of the biggest royalty free image sources is WikiMedia Commons, a WikiMedia Foundation project. They provide users free images as well as some that request attribution. However, you can also search many images in the public domain which don’t require attribution. Just ensure you check out the information below the image before sourcing it.

15. ImageFinder

ImageFinder contains over 130,000 high quality royalty free stock images from some of the world’s finest photographers. Categories are based upon popularity and there is even a new and trending tab. This website is perfect for generic, fashion and nature post pictures with images that allow space for captioning at the bottom.

So, there you have it, the 15 best royalty free image sites on the web. Regardless of the site you choose, you are sure to find a host of amazing images that are perfect for quality web content. Happy searching.

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