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Every dollar we spend for you, we treat as our very own.

Powered by data, fuelled by passion. We deliver market leading Google Ads management & PPC campaigns that transform Australian businesses, large & small.

SEM campaigns built for your customers

We provide data-driven Google Ads management focused on the metrics that matter. Your business is unique and so is our approach. Our PPC specialists will work closely with you to determine your business goals and objectives to develop a bespoke PPC solution.

Whether you need to increase your eCommerce sales or need to acquire new customers, our data-centric management service is tailored to your business.

We are platform and channel agnostic, allowing us to create high performing PPC campaigns regardless of your media spend by utilising the most effective approach for your business and industry.

Successful pay per click advertising requires a strategic approach, thorough research and analysis, and technical expertise and capability to achieve targeted ROI and margins.

Our Google Ads agency and PPC specialists in Melbourne measure ours success by one simple metric, the success and growth of your business, treating every dollar we spend for you, as though it was our own.

We focus on the metrics that matter.

We focus on the metrics that matter to your business and not vanity metrics such as impressions, clicks and ad positioning. We understand that the most important metric is that of the growth and success of your business.

We drive highly transactional traffic, improve conversion rates on your landing pages, increase your customer engagement and focus on exceeding your target ROI.

As PPC marketing and advertising is one of the most measurable digital marketing channels, we utilise, various ad networks, ad types and platforms, focusing on your target audience along each stage of the customer journey.

SEM (search engine marketing) provides effective short term results via immediate traffic, improved ROI and effective audience targeting and medium to long term results with measurable and trackable activity and performance.

ROAS & CPA Calculator

For every dollar you spend you get back:


Average cost to acquire a sale:


Pay Per Click Ad Types


Advertise your product or service in search engine results and local map listings.

Target highly relevant and qualified keywords.

Generate sales and leads with clear ROI and performance reporting.

Drive Action


Advertise your business with banner ads across a huge network of websites.

Target people based on their search history or websites they visit

Promote new campaigns and create brand awareness in your target market

Create Awareness


Advertise your products on the Google shopping network.

Target people already searching for your product with rich & visual product ads.

Drive ad clicks to your product pages & grow your ecommerce sales

Increase Revenue


Show ads to people who have recently visited your website.

Remarket to users who didn’t purchase or submit a lead and get them back to finish their conversion.

Drive leads and sales by re-engaging customers in the decision marking stage

Re-engage and Convert

We create the right path for your audience

Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, increase revenue or reengage and improve your conversions, we create the right path for your audience.

Our approach is simple, we focus on your prospective customers and target your audience at each stage of the sales funnel.

This path provides an end-to-end solution from the initial recognition of your brand through to taking action such as making a sale or capturing a lead.

We identify the most effective platform and ad types for each stage of the customer journey in order to drive your audience down the funnel. This approach ensures the most effective use of your advertising investment resulting in improved cost per acquisition (CPA) and cost per lead (CPL).

We set campaign objectives and targets with you and ensure that our SEM performance KPI’s align with your requirements and expectations.

Google Ads

Formerly Google AdWords, Google Ads management provides a suite of ad formats and targeting that can allow you to capitalise on customers searching for your product or service. Taking a strategic approach in how you build your ad campaign will guarantee you are getting the best ROI for each dollar spent.

What the stats say:

  • Google Ads convert 50% better than organic search results
  • Google Ads results receive 65% of the clicks that started with buying keywords, while organic results only receive 35 percent
  • 69% of searchers that result in a mobile call to a business are straight from Google Search.

Bing Ads

There are many reasons to start incorporating bing search advertising into your digital marketing strategy. It actually makes up 15% of total searches in Australia, has less competition and therefore a lower cost per click.

What the stats say:

  • Bing handles 6 billion searches per month
  • Average cost per click is $1.54 vs $2.69 on Google
  • Bing ads have an average conversion rate of 10.39% vs 8.65% on Google

Discover the power of Bing Ads for your business today.

Case Study - The Derm Lab

A skin specialist clinic

The Challenge

Partner with a recently launched, entrepreneurial skin clinic with no PPC strategy and limited marketing experience with the goal to rapidly expand its small customer base by partnering with a PPC agency in Melbourne.

Using the Google Search and Display Network, the objective of the campaign was to drive qualified leads at a target cost per acquisition in a highly competitive market.

We knew being a new business in a competitive landscape that we needed to build an ad campaign that was going to cut through the noise.

Our Approach

Our systematic approach relies on understanding your business as well as you do.

With The Derm Lab we were able to draw key insights from their customer persona and journey. This provided us with a clear and comprehensive understanding of their target audience, how they were segmented and their individual journey.

Our targeting focused on a ‘ready to buy’ audience with bespoke messaging across the customer segments on the Google AdWords network. With our through on-going campaign optimisation, competitor and market analysis, we continue to drive highly targeted leads, improve conversion rates, grow their new customer base and reduce their cost of acquisition.

Google AdWords has become a powerful lead generator for The Derm Lab and a critical channel in their digital marketing strategy.

The Results


What is PPC?

PPC stand for pay-per-click, a digital advertising model that means advertisers pay every time one of their ads is clicked. The most popular forms of PPC advertising is through the Google Ads and Microsoft Ads platform.

What PPC Advertising Channels are there?

There are a number of channels that use the PPC advertising model. Some of the most popular are:

  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Youtube
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Shopping
  • Social Ad Networks (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest)

How much will I pay per click for my ads?

The first thing to understand is that the price of each click is decided by an auction. This means the amount you pay for a click depends how many other people are bidding for the same keyword at the same time as you and what you decide to set your bid at.

Google Ads allows you to set bid limits which mean you can choose how much you are willing to pay however this means you may miss out on potential clicks if you set your limit too low.

For example: If you set your bid to $2 per click and your competitors have a limit of $3 per click, you will likely receive less clicks during the more competitive auctions which may be the best time for your audience to convert.

This means it is really up to you how much you spend, but like any auction if you bid too low you may miss out. We use proven performance driven bidding strategies that focus on keywords that will get your business the best ROI.

Don’t people just ignore the ads?

No. Click through rates on PPC ads has never been higher, with Google making ad placement more dominant in search results and results show you can expect over 60% of people to click the ads when looking to buy online.

Can I advertise my Google My Business on Google Maps?

Yes. Local listing ads on google maps and location results are part of Google ads and work the same as any other PPC advertising. If you have a physical store location this is a great way to boost clicks, phone calls and store visits for people searching in your area.

Can I stop competitors clicking on my ads?

Yes. Google allows IP blocking of users that are repeatedly clicking your ads so they no longer show to them.

Where will my PPC Ads show?

Your ads can appear at the top and bottom of search engine result pages (SERP’s). Search ads show above organic results and are the first thing users see. Your ads position in is determined by a number of factors including the keyword bid, quality score of your ad, landing page and relevance (determined by Google).

Different strategies can help you focus on better positioning in the results but you may spend more or appear less. Our strategies work to achieve the position that has the highest click through rate from your budget.

What are the key metrics to measure the performance of a PPC campaign?

There are a number of key metrics that you can use to evaluate and measure performance of a PPC campaign. The easiest way is to leave this up to us as we have this all broken down in our easy to understand dashboards.

The key metrics to look out for to know if your campaign is performing well are:

CTR (Click through rate)
Understanding how often people click your ads when they appear will tell you what your missing out on and that you may want to test different ad copy or review the keywords you are bidding on.

Cost per click is important as large increases or decreases can mean you may need to refine your bidding strategy or review keywords that are blowing out your budget.

Cost per acquisition tracks the action on your website as conversions, it is crucial to understand how much your are spending per conversion (sales, leads, downloads) and if the ROI is positive.

ROAS (return on ad spend)
If you are an ecommerce website your main metric should be ROAS as this will tell you how much return you make for every $1 of ad spend.



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