Botanical H20

Botanic H20 & Clearwater Agency, achieving record eCommerce revenue & brand growth



Botanical H20 provides handcrafted and bespoke crystal jewellery, using the highest grade minerals and sourced from ethical locations and miners.  Located in Perth, Western Australia, Botanical H20 is renowned for providing the highest quality jeweller in their industry.

Clearwater partnered with Botanical H20 to provided a multi channel digital marketing strategy and campaign, utilising SEO, PPC and Social Media Advertising to build brand awareness and drive eCommerce sales and performance.

Campaign summary

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Search Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Build and grow brand awareness
  • Increase website traffic from organic search by 50% within 6 months
  • Improve online sales and revenue by 30% within 6 months
  • Reduce CPA from PPC and Social Media Advertising by 25%
  • Develop deep understanding of customer persona to improve user-engagement and brand
  • Utilise a multi channel approach to target users at key points throughout their customer journey
  • Improve organic search ranking and traffic for commercial and transactional intent keywords
  • Conversion rate optimisation of landing pages and customer touch points across all channels
  • Increased organic traffic by 115% in 6 months
  • Reduced CPA by 21% for Google Search Ads and Google Shopping while reducing media spend by 43%
  • Reduced CPC by 46% for Facebook Ads
  • Increased eCommerce sales by 72% in 6 months

Key results



increase of organic traffic in 6 months



reduction in cost per acquisition



increase in eCommerce sales in 6 months

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increase in online enquiries in 6 months

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Increase in website revenue

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