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We work with globally ambitious clients in need of greater certainty in a rapidly changing digital landscape. We drive sustained, measured growth through multi-channel digital marketing campaigns across your owned, paid and earned media.

We consistently outperform the market and our unbroken year-on-year award winning streak demonstrates this. Our clients benefit from this unrivalled competitive advantage in their organic and paid search, paid social and content production.

Our strategy is led by data but we are not slaves to it – key decisions are human-powered.

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10 Years Of Trust
We’ve been transforming some of Australia’s most influential brands for over a decade.
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What we do

Digital marketing services

  • Campaign roadmaps
  • Campaign audits
  • Consultation & management
  • Industry & market analysis
  • Customised data & analytics
  • Conversion rate optimisation
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  • Strategy & consultation
  • Technical audits & reviews
  • Data visualisation / dashboards
  • Penalty review & recovery
  • CMS migrations
  • Campaign management
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Paid Media
Paid Media
  • Google Search Ads & Display
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Remarketing
  • Data visualisation / dashboards
  • Strategy & consultation
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Social Media
Social Media
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Social media management
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  • Social media content
  • Animated graphics
  • Website landing pages
  • EDM email design
  • Infographics & brochures
  • Copywriting
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  • Ecommerce websites
  • WordPress websites
  • CMS migrations
  • Landing pages
  • Website management
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A multi-channel approach
Multi-channel digital marketing strategy

Whether it’s organic search, SEM, social media advertising or email, the benefits of utilising multi—channel marketing provides effective and powerful targeting of your audience at each stage of the customer journey. Combining multi-channel marketing in your digital strategy provides significant advantages.

The advantages of multi-channel include:

  • Improved audience reach & targeting
  • Increase sales & revenue
  • Lower CPA costs
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Improved audience engagement
  • Improved data collection & insights
  • Improved customer trust & loyalty
Our work
Client case studies
Breaking records and raising awareness for a cause that doesn't stop.
🏆 Award-winning campaign
Read case study
Wilson Parking
Wilson Parking
Achieving record online growth across 400+ locations.
🏆 Award-winning campaign
Read case study
Lorraine Lea
Lorraine Lea
Turning a 30 year old business into a retail powerhouse.
🏆 Award-winning campaign
Read case study
Creative design bolsters everything we do.
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The Pathway to Purchase
Create consistent experiences with multi-channel

A multi-channel marketing approach can produce incredibly effectively campaigns by increasing brand reach, audience engagement and creating a consistent experience and messaging with your target audience for each stage of the customer journey.

This can include search engines, social networks and email for online channels and TV and radio for offline channels, providing a unified approach.

Whether it’s driving brand awareness, creating interesting, improving brand engagement and customer loyalty or driving more sales and leads, multi-channel marketing will typically deliver better results, performance and ROI.

Partnering with a digital marketing company providing full stack services such as SEO, SEM, Social Media, CRO and Web will provide greater opportunities and understanding of your target audience and customers.

Client testimonials
We’re a five-star rated agency
Their expertise delivered strong, measurable business outcomes for the organisation.
five stars
right image

Chris Parkes

Director, Marketing and Communications; Asia Communications Strategy Lead

Our social presence was key in a record-breaking campaign
five stars
right image

Georgia Cornell

Social Media & Campaigns Coordinator - FightMND

Clearwater has demonstrated a knowledge of our audience and of us as a business, with the ability to move, change and pivot mid campaign if we need to.
five stars
right image

Jesse Howes

Marketing Campaign Manager - COLLARTS

The entire team at Clearwater are incredibly knowledgeable of all things digital! They have worked tirelessly to understand not only our digital needs, but our business as a whole.
five stars
right image

Peta Mckenzie

Growth Product Manager - Wilson Parking Australia

As a growing business, we needed an agency to help understand our goals, collaborate on our tactics and provide their own industry expertise to help us achieve the results we were after. Clearwater has done all this and more.
five stars
right image

Melissa Brick

Marketing Manager - FoodStorm

Partnering with Clearwater has helped improve our digital presence and engagement. Improvements in search, paid social has contributed to us achieving the highest number of enrolment applications in the last 10 years.
five stars
right image

Lauren Pickering

Executive Director – Marketing, Admissions, Advancement

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Your questions answered
Common questions we get
What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad term used to cover all efforts designed and implemented to increase awareness, interest, and consideration of your brand across online platforms and devices connected to the internet. This means a targeted mix of campaigns across websites, social media platforms, search engines, applications, and a growing number of new, innovative channels set to improve the communication between businesses and their potential customers. The common components of a successful digital marketing campaign is a rigorous strategy built around business objectives, creative content paired with technical expertise, and consistent, transparent reporting and analysis to refine for better performance.

How Can Digital Marketing Help My Business?

Modern business is conducted online, and without a refined, high performing digital presence, it is likely your operations could rapidly fall behind the competition.

Websites, social media accounts and other digital platforms create a convenient way for consumers to search for new products and services, as well as find valuable content to keep them engaged and entertained for hours every day. Businesses across the world are leveraging this fact, and the internet is now filled with flexible, creative channels allowing businesses of all sizes to better target and interact with their ideal audiences in real-time. With this data and a range of sophisticated capabilities available, it also makes marketing more affordable and effective with unlimited reach potential when compared with traditional advertising methods.

When a proper strategy is developed incorporating your specific business objectives and industry features, your business can maximise the appropriate tools available to you to increase return on investment in generating new leads or sales.

What Digital Marketing Channels Should My Business Use?

Given the large amount of digital marketing channels available, it can be overwhelming to decide which is best to achieve your business’s marketing goals. Simply jumping headfirst into all of them can spread your resources too thin and leave you struggling to see healthy returns. Equally, limiting your efforts to only a corner of the options available can leave a large portion of your potential audience untapped.

The key is to identify your ideal customer and learn where they are spending their time online. In other words, who do you want to purchase your offerings, and where would they most likely be searching for them? This could be through digital media buying, over search engines, specific social media channels, or perhaps they require a more indirect, nurturing content marketing campaign with a constant stream of information across multiple platforms. Every business is different and will require a unique marketing mix to achieve their goals alongside available budgets.

Why Is It Important to Hire a Professional Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing agencies accumulate best practice knowledge and industry insights to deliver greater return on investment for their clients in exchange for a proportional management fee. Creating, analysing, and optimising your own digital marketing campaigns can be near impossible without any experience, but it is important to ensure ROI is front of mind with your efforts. Hiring a digital agency is the common solution for many, however it is crucial to select a reliable provider to place your business in the best stead with your campaign performance.

At Clearwater, our team ensures you are consistently receiving the full range of services owed to you, from initial consultation and strategy development, to expert campaign creation with professional resources and funnel considerations, and transparent reporting and analysis to refine campaigns for greater ROI.

What is a Marketing Funnel?

Digital marketing campaigns perform best when they are erected around a marketing funnel model. This can get quite technical, but essentially a funnel works towards structuring digital marketing efforts attracting as many people as possible within a target audience, building their engagement, and nurturing them towards completing a specific sale or objective. We do this by tailoring campaigns and content created within them to build brand awareness, pique the interest and spark consideration of your offerings within that audience, and then continuously deliver frictionless, high-performing customer experience until they are ready to make a purchase, submit an enquiry, or complete another task you desire from them.

How Long Does It Take to See Results with Digital Marketing?

Given the versatility of digital marketing campaigns and the myriad goals they are trying to accomplish, the time it takes to see results will naturally vary. For example, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a long-term investment requiring patience and refinement before exponential benefits can be achieved. Paid digital marketing campaigns, however, such as Google Ads or Social Media Advertising, can use the consumer insights and keywords captured by the respective platform to deliver more immediate results from your campaigns. Depending on your industry competition, individual business goals and available resources, results can range from being achieved in a matter of hours, days, weeks, or months. The differentiating factor will be the skill at which a campaign is delivered.

Why is Clearwater the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Australia?

Clearwater Agency is an Australian owned and operated, providing digital services to Australian businesses, large and small. We are based in Melbourne and work with businesses Australia wide, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Hobart.

Clearwater brings together a range of specialists in not just every discipline of digital marketing, but also in terms of industry knowledge. We take the time to understand your specific situation and objectives, and have the expertise and resources to build you a tailored digital marketing strategy that employs the appropriate tools, platforms and metrics to deliver you the best return on investment as soon as possible.

Why partner with Clearwater Agency?

Clearwater will partner with you to translate your digital goals and objectives into business growth and online success. Our agency’s philosophy is simple. We want to understand your business, your goals, your customers and audience, as well as you do.

Our commitment is to become an integral part of your business and a trusted and valued partner. Our digital marketing agency is outcome based, not service lead, resulting in the right channels, platforms and approach for your business.

Our Melbourne based digital marketing agency is committed to delivering transformative digital marketing performance and management for our clients and partners. Digital success starts with a plan, a vision, and the capability, focus and commitment of a team that can bring it to life. Speak to one of our strategists and find out how.