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4 Ways Instagram Can Build a Business

Clearwater Staff

The world has become an advanced technological society. Almost every person you see has some form of smart device in their hand. The ability to connect with people and businesses has evolved like never before. It is practically a guarantee that the person next to you has a social media account.

Digital marketing has since become an essential tool for businesses in every field. The use of social media has opened a wide market for potential customers, as well as created a new kind of competition between companies.

Page views, links, likes, shares, and hashtags all have their purpose in promoting a company’s online profile. There’s no point in going inside a store anymore to see what it’s about. One click can give a single person thousands of reviews and pages that direct them to any account run by the business. This is where it’s important to market correctly.

If a page has minimal activity, few followers, and little to no information regarding the product or service, it’s reasonable to assume that they won’t be getting a large number of new customers. How many times have you bought a product off of Amazon without checking reviews and possibly searching the company? A few people may take the risk, but most people won’t. A successful business becomes such only by promotion and advertising. Therefore, a company’s greatest tool is taking advantage of the capabilities of social media.

This article in particular addresses the benefits of Instagram, a widely popular photo app that allows anyone to post pictures or videos from anywhere on Earth, at any time. It has risen to become one of the most well-known and used apps of the smartphone age. These quick tips may not give the full scope of Instagram’s uses, but it is a stepping stone for a potentially more profitable business.

Capitalise on the fact that people are constantly awaiting for new information and content to view.

Post Daily, If Not More

Time Magazine reported that people check their phone, on average, about 46 times per day. They are constantly looking for new content to view. Posting daily not only shows that the company is engaged with their customers, but it reinforces the appeal of their product or service.

Pictures speak a thousand words. While you want to advertise and allow consumers to shop, don’t try and push it too far. Being gimmicky will only make the customer wonder why you have to pus so hard to sell a product. Think more Coca Cola less infomercial. A wonderfully shot picture with a proper aesthetic will drive people in hoards. They’ll be curious from the beauty alone and will immediately want to know more.

Make Items Available for Purchase Through Links

Instagram has now made it possible to buy products directly from an account’s home page by adding a link within the picture. It shows the name of the product, the price, and directs the consumer to the company’s site and exact page the item is on.

In addition to this type of link, it’s possible to put links at the top of the homepage that takes the user to whatever page the company wants them to view. Youtuber’s invoke this method to promote a new video they posted on their page. The link can change at any time to evolve with your company’s goals and products.

Connect Your Instagram Page with other Social Media

Whenever a picture is posted, there are several different social media accounts that Instagram allows a page to connect to. While the popular options are Facebook and Twitter, any account page can be added with a simple push of a button.

This idea is perfect if a company maintains a blog that is continuously updated. The post made on Instagram will be automatically posted to the other accounts and will redirect a user to the original source. Therefore, the market expands and can allow for multiple versions of different content to be posted across several other networks.

Learn About People’s Likes with Hashtags

Searching for popular hashtags is the ultimate form of promotion. Any page using the same one will have their picture put with a thousand others to search from. This strategy works for any part of the world.

The best part about this is that different words can be used to describe the same product. A company isn’t limited to the amount of advertisement they use to promote their product or service. The key to this method is finding hashtags that a trending now, just because a hashtag was popular a month ago, doesn’t mean it will be effective for marketing now.

The ways of advertising are always changing. Keeping up with the trends and popular sites is constant work, but it is the best tool at a company’s disposal.


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