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7 Ways Twitter is Vital for Digital Marketing

Clearwater Staff

twitter logoIn today’s world, it is easy to guess that Twitter is a part of your daily routine. Whether you use it regularly for your social media marketing or have let it slip away from you lately, Twitter’s recent advancements could help you improve your marketing strategy.

The Basics of Twitter

The purpose of Twitter is to directly connect you or your business with people who follow your content, while only using 140 characters. However, you don’t have to solely use text in order to carry your message to your audience. Twitter allows its users to utilise features that aide in sharing pictures, videos, and online content such as web pages and PDFs.  This provides a more interactive experience between you and your followers, as they can share the content you post and contribute to the conversation.

Twitter Stands Out Among its Competitors

Although Twitter’s platform may contain elements often found on other social media sites, it still stands out from the crowd when it comes to digital marketing. Unlike other status-based programs, every single person who follows your Twitter account will have an opportunity to see your latest tweets.

It’s easy to maintain an organised discussion between you and your followers between each tweet. Twitter also easily allows you to broaden your horizons by not specifically limiting who you may follow.

Stay On-Brand

The goal of your Twitter account is to successfully promote your business and create a relationship with your social media following. Keep your brand message and mission in mind while creating and using your Twitter account. This is the best way to present your business to your target demographic as you begin to grow your online identity.

Keep your brand message and mission in mind while creating and using your Twitter account

Clearwater Staff

Make Sure You Can Be Easily Found

Once your supporters decide to reach out to your business via social media, they will need to recognise your business by name and profile image. The simplest way for new and reoccurring followers to connect with your business’s Twitter account is by searching your brand by name.

Whether the username is the custom name of your business or the name of the individual running the account, make sure it’s easy for people to find. Keep your profile picture simple. Once someone has begun looking for you through Twitter’s search engine, they might get confused if the image that represents your business is completely random. Stick to the basics: your company logo, or a professional photo of the owner or team.

Don’t Be Afraid to Follow!

It’s difficult to grow your own following when you refuse to put effort into following others. This is a social media platform, so use it for social networking! It’s important to stay attentive of who you decide to follow, but don’t hesitate to link up with users who have similar interests as your business, or that you could work with in the future.

One way to easily find users whose ideals match with yours is to search through hashtag threads. If you tend to use hashtags in your tweets, click on ones you often use and find out who else is using them. Not only will this help increase your audience, but also help you reach out to users with common interests.

Be Active and Consistent with Your Tweets

Once your account is completed, your profile is live and ready to be used. Posting regularly tends to help with organic follower growth, and can also get conversations started between you and your audience.  As you see your following begin to grow, feel free to promote your company and other online business connections. There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion if it gets your viewers interested and directs them to learn more about you.

Know What Will Catch Your Followers Eye

Sometimes it takes more than a few sentences to intrigue your followers and keep them from scrolling past your tweet. Including photos that emphasise the topic at hand into your post can help catch the viewer’s eye as they quickly scroll through their feed.

Twitter is an integral tool for digital marketers, so do your best to make the most of it!

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