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Google’s Medic Update Fallout And How To Combat It

Clearwater Staff

The Situation

It’s been a couple of months since the latest major update for Google’s Algorithm that has now been titled as the “Medic” update and the results have been extremely interesting across the board. Google’s previous updates have normally affected on a large range of different industries and websites, but this update has really focussed on a specific niche, which can has seen significant impact on the medical and health fields. Sure, other areas like finance, insurance, entertainment and various other websites have seen some interesting results as well, but the majority of the reports have been pointing to a specific fluctuation in both medical and health sectors.


Google has also referenced the coined “Your Money Your Life” pages on the website, which the Google Quality Rater guidelines have explained that YMYL pages may “potentially impact the future happiness, health, financial security, or safety of users” along with highlighting the important of E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, Trust) for websites. Both of these are extremely important terms that have become reignited from the fallout of the medic update as they are the the ways in which Google will assess how your website is being presented.

How To Combat The Medic Update

Not to sound like a broken record, but…. CONTENT. One practice that has served as a benchmark for improving ranks on pages that have dropped is to build solid content on the service pages affected. Add more subheadings and paragraphs, ensure that you are utilising latent semantic indexing on your pages and make sure you always answer the important questions of “who, what, when, where, how and why?”. You need to go beyond simply explaining your product or service and you need to explain the background of your practices and how you service offering is unique. By creating unique and creative content, this will strengthen the chance of users linking to your page and this will assist in promoting authority to your website.


A couple of other useful tips to help combat the medic update are:

    1. Showcase all of your credentials prominently on the website – If you have awards, industry certificates or any other signals that show your expertise in a particular industry.
    2. Give users clean and precise information about your service offerings – We already touched on this, but transparency is the key. Let people know what you do, how you do it and how it can help them.
    3. Announce and disclose any partnerships and sponsorships that may affect trust in your audience – Having a dedicated page on your website that showcases these relationships will definitely help.




The Conclusion

Google can be a tough and cruel beat to tame, but the medic update is just the latest push for betterment of the search platform and something that we all have to adjust to. The health and wellness industries were hit harder than most, but this update has had a significant impact across a range of websites and is just another reminder to always be of your website content to ensure you aren’t affected by any future updates.


There is no room to sit back and watch in idol, make sure you are proactive and constantly trying to make your website as updated and unique in content as you possibly can. If you are still feeling the effects of the Medic update and need some help with your strategy, feel free to contact us on 1300 796 122.

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