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How Social Media Groups Can Help Launch Your Following

Clearwater Staff

To succeed, a business must remain at the forefront of their target market’s attention. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and with the explosion of the digital landscape, for many it has never been harder!

If you are just getting started, don’t have a wealth of ad spend available, or perhaps are still testing whether your product or service is viable, finding actual prospects can be daunting. With the invention of social media marketing, however, there is a sure-fire to not only find a list of qualified leads, but also build a strong following. Through social media groups, you can develop a powerful conversion sales funnel, promote authority within your space, and find a forum for proper market research.

Understanding Your Buyer Persona to Find the Ideal Social Media Group

A buyer persona is a breakdown of your ideal customer with your target market. Defining age, location, education, profession, and a series of other defining traits can allow you to better focus your marketing efforts. Every business can find a persona on social media, whether directly or indirectly, and are therefore excellent for homing in, opening dialogues, bringing attention to your brand, and working towards building conversions.

Priming Your Profile

Before you begin, you need to get your social profiles ready for visitors from the groups you join. Not exactly a strict make-over, just enough to give your first impressions an edge with potential customers. These include:

  • Having a clean, well-lit profile picture to put a trusting face behind the brand
  • A short, sharp and engaging bio to show you are relevant in your space
  • Making your profile scrollable for your target persona, with posts, pictures and conversations that would attract them

Knowing Which Social Media Groups to Target

Engagement is key. Target groups where members receive frequent notifications, and actively scroll and interact/contribute with posts. A group that may seem less relevant to your industry, but garners a lot of activity, will be more viable than those with thousands of silent members. Groups also need to be friendly towards members ‘value-posting’, or leaving content they believe valuable to others, building their authority within the group. It shows admins are happy for marketers to do their thing and start networking.

How to Find the Right Groups?

A bit of sleuthing is required, but the best way to start is by building a list of potential searches based on:

  • Keywords related to your service
  • Influential or famous people in your industry
  • Flagship product names
  • The solutions you provide (i.e. if you operate an online fitness program, try groups for ‘healthy living tips’)

If you find yourself stuck, Google Trends or Qora can help you see what target personas are actively looking for within your space.

How to Become a Valued Group Member in No Time!

Not every business can afford to spend months or even years building their brand in countless groups before seeing some return on investment. To accelerate the process, befriend the admins by positively interacting with posts, praising them for creating such a collaborative online space – a bit cheesy, but this will put you in good favours as you step up your group activity.

Sales posts out of the gate will expose your end goal from the off. Instead, post a consistent series of value-based content and interactions to develop trust and authority needed for prospects to consider your business. Use this time to mine for information and solutions personas are after – their pain points, aspirations, language.

When everyone else is piling on with sales pitches (you won’t be the only one there), consider switching it up with some jarring, thought-provoking challenges. People can be overwhelmed with a bunch of ‘pick me, pick me’ posts. Make members question themselves, prompting them to think of things they may not have considered. This might seem counterintuitive as you could potentially turn off some group members, but done properly, they realise it’s constructive and are left with a positive impression of you as a group member and professional.

Rinse, Repeat & Start to Build Your Social Media Following

Consistently looking for viable new groups, following pro-active engagement building strategies, and networking positively with your personas are sure to get people following your name and, by extension, your brand. This position will allow you to enjoy an organic way for people to wait for your input, appreciate what you have to offer, and fight to jump into your conversion funnel


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