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The Best Ways to Promote Businesses on Social Media

Clearwater Staff

Advertising is the key to practically everything that exists. Corporations didn’t appear out of thin air. And, as technology improves, so does the marketing. The Internet has made it possible to find products and services provided in France to be found on the iPhone of a thirteen-year-old girl. Videos made in Japan or the United Kingdom can be streamed from homes in Mexico. The world is internally connected through small wires that we never see. There has not been a better time to start a business than right now.

The question many can’t easily answer though is, ‘how do I get myself noticed?’ For a start-up company, it certainly isn’t easy. Unless you had a viral video or post, chances are not many people in the world will know you. The bigger reality is that people in your hometown aren’t even aware of your business ventures. Or if you’re a company that has existed for a while, but wants to boost your sales and gain more customers, unless you’re on top of trends, the possibility of having new people coming in droves is rather small.

A way that people have been working around this struggle is by doing more sponsorships and ads from well-known individuals to promote their content or service. You may have seen several on Instagram or even YouTube.

While sponsorships are a common appearance in more mainstream media, it isn’t accounted for as much with those more associated on the Internet. If this sounds like an interesting proposition, check out these suggestions for improving business promotions.

Use Internet ‘Celebrities’

The term ‘celebrity’ is used lightly since some find this term odd for someone just working off of social media, but it’s true nonetheless. YouTuber’s and Instagram personalities are becoming a much larger marketing tool for companies then others may think.

Typically, users who may work in the same field and trying to use these platforms to promote their own business may be inclined to promote another business that shares their ideals. For example, an Instagram fitness page will advertise workout clothing lines or equipment. It not only gives the promoter extra cash, and put themselves in the spotlight, but it gives the company a whole new demographic and follower base to interact with.

If You Like Them, Consider a Partnership

While an Instagram star may not have as many followers as a movie or music celebrity, they aren’t a lost cause. People that built their careers on social media will have followers that are loyal and trust them. It’s easy to get a person’s initial interest; it’s harder to continually bring them back. Because of this, they tend to have closer relationships with their viewers or followers.

Extending a partnership can open many doors for both the social media star and the company bringing them on board. The business has continuous promotions on a popular platform and the promoter gains more of an audience. It could even leave room for a new type of product to be developed between the two parties, adding another source of revenue and a chance for even more word of mouth advertising.

Offer Deals and Special Discounts

The words ‘free’ and ‘special offer’ are guaranteed to grab anyone’s attention. It’s probably the easiest way to bring in new customers and to keep repeat one’s coming back. A BOGO deal or giving a limited time special product with any purchase brings in easy money.

It’s unlikely a new customer will just give you business because it’s simply what they’re looking for. There has to be a reason that makes one company stand out from every other that exists. Restaurants will put out special coupons for a free appetiser or drink. They know it’s the best way to bring new customers in and give them a chance to try their food, instead of just hoping they’ll come in on their own.

Social media will always be used for branding and advertising, but there are those unaware of all the potential that remains. Boldly working more with digital marketing may be scary, considering the size of the Internet, but the failures just pave the way for better success.

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