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Alter It are a specialist clothing alteration service that takes a contemporary approach to the traditional crafts of tailoring and garment care.

Today there are 21 stores located conveniently in Melbourne’s suburbs. The stores are operated by motivated franchisees and skilled staff who are passionate about their trade. Every store offers the full range of alteration services.  In addition to clothing alterations many stores now offer a quality dry cleaning service and some offer a shoe repair service supported by one of Melbourne’s best tradespeople.

Clearwater and Alter IT have been partnered since 2019, providing digital marketing strategy and campaign management across organic search and paid media.  With over 21 locations, Clearwater was tasked to provide franchisee locations with digital marketing services to drive website enquires and online bookings.

Campaign summary

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Search Ads
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Increase organic traffic for transactional and commercial based keyword terms by 30% within 6 months (year on year)
  • Increase online enquires by 35% within 6 months (year on year)
  • Reduce CPA across paid media channels by 20% within 6 months (year on year)
  • Improve website conversion rates for online bookings and enquires
  • Develop deep understanding of customer persona to improve user-engagement and brand awareness
  • Improved organic search rankings and performance for commercial and transactional based enquires
  • Hyper targeted local SEO targeting for each location, including Google My Business optimisation
  • Improve website conversion rates with conversion rate optimisation for lead generation landing pages
  • Increased organic traffic for transactional and commercial terms by 34% within 6 months (year on year)
  • Increased online enquires and bookings by 54% within 6 months (year on year)
  • Reduced CPA by 20% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Improved website conversion rates for enquires by 20%

Key results



increase in organic traffic for transactional and commercial keywords within 6 months



increase in website enquires and online bookings within 6 months



reduction in cost per acquisition on paid channels within 3 months

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