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Elizabeth Richards & Clearwater Agency, achieving record sales



Elizabeth Richards has been a trusted and valued provider for educational supplies such their inception in 1986, becoming one of the biggest providers in the educational & classroom equipment in Australia.  Since 1986 Elizabeth Richards has been delivering bright ideas to classrooms around Australia. 

Their mission statement; to help educators create beautiful learning spaces… to deliver the very best in storage solutions, furniture and resources for schools, teachers and their classrooms. From book boxes to art dryers, furniture to inclusive resources, as well as maths and language we aspire to have everything you need to create an effective learning environment.

Elizabeth Richards partnered with Clearwater Agency to provide digital strategy, campaign and technical execution for multi-channel digital marketing.

Campaign summary

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Search Ads 
  • Google Shopping
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Improve online revenue and sales by 30% within 3 months (year on year) 
  • Increase website traffic by 30% within 3 months across all channels (year on year)
  • Optimise landing pages to improve online goal conversion rates by 10% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Improve website functionality to improve user experience and order pathway
  • Strategic approach and implementation of promotions and sales initiatives 
  • Develop deep understanding of customer persona to improve user-engagement and brand
  • Improve organic search rankings and performance for commercial and transactional based enquires
  • Improve website user experience with CRO and improve website functionally and performance
  • Reduce paid media click wastage and improve transactional keyword targeting and performance
  • Utilise a multi-channel approach to target users at key points throughout their customer journey
  • Utilising social media channels to drive and improve brand awareness, audience segmentation and targeting
  • Increased eCommerce sales by 45% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Increased website traffic by 31% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Increase online goal conversion rates by 15% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Increase average order value by 33% within 3 months (year on year)

Key results



increase in online sales within 3 months (year on year)



increase in website sessions within 3 months (year on year)



increase in average order value within 3 months (year on year)

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