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Essential Coffee is one of Australia’s largest managed coffee solution providers. Their aim is to make the process of choosing a coffee machine as easy as possible, ensuring business needs are matched with their premium hand-made European coffee machines, along with award-winning coffees and associated products. Having installed over 26,000 coffee and 6,000 slush systems into the marketplace, their focus is to be all things coffee, and then some.

Essential Coffee is a global brand, servicing in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Phillipines & the Middle East.

Essential Coffee partnered with Clearwater Agency for digital marketing services, utilising a multi-channel marketing campaign to drive online sales and increase service-based leads and enquires in Australia and New Zealand.

Campaign summary

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google Search Ads 
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation & UX
  • Hosting & Website Migration 
  • Increase eCommerce sales by 20% within 3 months (year on year) 
  • Increase online leads and enquires by 20% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Increase website traffic by 20% within 3 months across all channels (year on year)
  • Improve online goal conversion rates by 20% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Perform site and hosting migration to improve user experience and website performance
  • Develop a deep understanding of customer persona to improve user-engagement and brand
  • Improve organic search rankings and performance for commercial and transactional based enquires
  • Improve website user experience with CRO
  • Reduce paid media click wastage and improve transactional keyword targeting and performance
  • Utilise a multi-channel approach to target users at key points throughout their customer journey
  • Increased eCommerce sales by 35% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Increased online enquires and leads by 53% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Increased website traffic by 43% within 3 months (year on year)
  • Increased online goal conversion rates by 54% within 3 months (year on year)

Key results



increase in online coffee bean sales within 3 months (year on year)



increase in coffee machine enquires within 3 months (year on year)



increase in online goal conversion rates within 3 months (year on year)

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