Thank You pages can often be one of the most overlooked parts of a sales funnel for all businesses, which is concerning because this page is sometimes the LAST interaction you have with a customer after they’ve made a purchase or left an enquiry with you. This should be a really important asset as it leaves a lasting impression on the person leaving the website and a good thank you page will actually keep the audience engaged, meaning they continue browsing on the website after.

An argument against Thank You Pages is just a thank you message from a form, but a small message has a few limitations:

  • Firstly, visitors are left on the existing page they are currently already on without a Call to Action or new navigation options to take, meaning you highly increase the chance of the end user leaving this page.
  • Secondly, the space for a thank you message is quite small, meaning you can only really include something along the lines of “thank you” or “success” or “completed” which are again wrapping up the user experience and forcing your user to go elsewhere.

Creating a thank you page allows you to continue the user’s journey and creates an opportunity for further investigation into your product or service, an opportunity to upsell or a great segway into offering some extra value to the end user, which adds trust you to offering.

Once you have fully committed to a thank you page, here are 3 AWESOME ways you can optimise it for further conversions:

Confirm the transaction

It seems simple, but a lot of time, the Thank You page will be extremely generic, something along the lines of “Thank You, we will be in touch shortly” which is a crying shame as it means that the customer has little to no chance of really engaging with that message.

Optimizely (a product that we use ourselves) have an amazingly simple and clear Thank You Page:


They simply explain that a download has been sent your email and then offer you some helpful informative articles, along with a cheeky little social share section down to the bottom to attempt to extend their reach to a wider audience.

Aim to avoid buyers remorse

For anyone buying something or committing to a service, you are normally pretty excited with your decision immediately after you’ve done it, but this is slowly taken over by a dark shadow formerly known as regret and you begin to question your decision. Was this something I really needed? Can I actually afford it? What is my partner going to say?

Immediately after a decision making process, buyers are always looking to be reassured that they’ve made a good decision and a Thank You page is designed to accommodate this. A really strong method of communicating this is by filling your thank you page with testimonials and social proof from existing customers about the positive experiences they’ve had with your brand and business.

Optin Monster do a great job of this by neatly placing 3 of their best testimonials at the bottom of their thank you page offering the level of trust others have with the service:

Pitch an upsell or cross-sell

If you can get yourself a secondary sale from a Thank You page, why wouldn’t you give it a go? A Thank You page isn’t only an informative and value adding opportunity, but think about it, someone has just converted on your website, why wouldn’t they be interested in purchasing something else or engaging in another service? The king’s of this are Vistaprint, a popular printing service that allows you to print marketing materials, business cards, etc. and also has one of the best upselling processes, after you’ve made a purchase, out there!

Once you’ve had your custom print job sorted and paid for, Vistaprint offer you about 300 other items with your custom logo or image design printed on it. The process of giving you “recommended” purchases with a countdown timer makes it a quick / low involvement purchase that converts amazingly well.

Another tactic that can be implemented here is to use promotions or discount codes after the purchase to incentivise the recently converted audience to make a repeat purchase there and then. This means that you give yourself a great chance of getting a follow up purchase and you have also offered some extra value to a customer without being prompted for it, which only adds to their value perception.


So have a quick look at your Thank You page and ask yourself, “is this page as optimal as it could be for your audience?”. If the answer is no, the 3 suggestions above will at least get your creative juices flowing so you can try to figure out a great thank you page offering and help improve your conversions even further.

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